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World Info

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The world of DrowTales, like any world, is a vast and varied one that involves a large number of terrains, peoples, elements, cultures and events. Much like our own world, it would take a lifetime to cover with any amount of entirety the total nuances; however, knowledge of the planet still exists, and it is here that this topic is covered.


This section covers the intelligent races that can be found in the DrowTales world, regardless of location, and explores the known information about them.

Mana Arts

The DrowTales world is one rich with mana, and those races capable of using this power have dedicated a great deal to the study of these arts. Enter, and learn some of their secrets.


At the end of the Moons Age, the Dark Elf nations fled the surface and began their life in the Underworld. This section covers the major events of their exodus up through the present age.


The DrowTales world is also teeming with life; the bestiary is there to guide the intrepid traveller through some of the more common creatures.


Occasionally words appear in the manga which need some explanation. Here you will find a small, but comprehensive list. Suggestions for words to be added can be made in the Questions and Worldsetting forum in the thread called "Glossary - taking suggestions", which you can find here: http://www.drowtales.com/drowforums/viewtopic.php?p=453547#453547