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Yafein Val'Sullisin'rune

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Yafein is a young Sullisin'rune with a superiority complex and a love of light skinned slaves.

Appearance and Personality

Yafein is a meek member of the Sullisin'rune clan and is often seen as being weak and standing by stronger characters only when it is convenient. He was born physically weak, as indicated by Kel'noz's worry when he arrives for his first day at Orthorbbae, but Yafein insists that his family wanted him to overcome his birth defect sooner rather than later. He also appears to have taken a liking to having a slave around him at all times, like Perl and Maya before her. As time passes, his meek demeanor fades only to replaced with a highly arrogant and self-important attitude.

Biography - Arc I

Davya Tower

Yafein on one of the Orthorbbae hoverboards.

Yafein first appears as one of the students arriving to Orthorbbae during Ariel's first year at the school. His arrival surprises Kel'noz, who remarks that there had been an agreement to delay his schooling owing to an unspecified condition.[1] He responds that his family sent him early an an effort to force him to overcome his weaknesses. He then enters Davya tower with the rest of his peers and listens as Kel'noz's instructs the class on the school's workings, with their first lesson being to successfully power their keystones. After accomplishing this, they learn to control their floaters with their keystones. Yafein has some initial difficulty with altitude control, bouncing along the floor before flying too high and catching himself on a chandelier.

That night, Kel'noz encourages Ariel to make friends with Yafein, as she had earlier shown interest in him and allies within the school are always useful. After some hesitation, Ariel goes to Yafein's room, introducing herself as the son of Quain'tana. Though Yafein initially suffers from a nervous stutter while introducing himself, Ariel is quickly able to pique his interest by discussing their mutual interest in cats and ferals. As Yafein warms to the conversation, Ariel notes his stutter to have disappeared, much to the boy's own surprise.

The next day, the students attends a class on basic mana arts, under the instruction of Master Soleam'ji. As Mir'kiin displays a complete lack of respect for their intructor and is promptly disciplined, Yafein only sighs in exasperation. Afterwards, the students are tested for their potential elemental affinities. Yafein is discovered to have the relatively common affinity for the element of earth. Between their classes, Ariel and Yafein continue to bond.

Search for the Ninth Tower

As their history class ends, Yafein notes to Ariel that everything in their school is arranged around the number nine, as stated by Master Tralyn. However, as there are only eight towers in the school and all the towers have a top floor with a door that leads nowhere, Yafein speculates that there may once have been a ninth tower. Ariel decides they should investigate in order to see what is behind these doors.

Using their floaters to ascend to the top of the Davya tower, they come to an ornate and stylized door. Ariel attempts to use her keystone to activate the door, but there is no visible effect. Before they can make any further attempts to open it, Kel'noz arrives, having ascended to the top of the tower to retrieve a metallic box from storage. After Ariel explains their reasons for investigating, Kel'noz informs them that nothing lies beyond the door except a long fall to the ground below. As Ariel presses the issue, Kel'noz speculates that the door may once have been used as a Dragon landing by their ancestors, before the dragons lost their wings. Yafein quickly obeys as the headmaster sternly orders the pair to return to their rooms and to stop behaving recklessly.

Attack on Ariel

The next day's classes begin with their introduction to combat training, under Master Sandaur. Sandaur begins their lesson with a live demonstration against a captive orc, quickly bringing the creature down with a low blow to the groin. After further basic exercises, the students are assigned to pair up for sparring. Though Ariel tries to match herself with Yafein, the boy had already accepted an offer by Gailen. This forces Ariel to accept a challenge from Mir'kiin and indirectly leads to the boy learning her secret. After the class ends, Ariel and Yafein depart together, with Yafein admitting he was readily defeated his his spar. As the pair enter a secluded hallway, they are confronted by Mir'kiin, Nau'kheol, and Khal'harror. Mir'kiin promptly reveals Ariel's true gender and the boys move in aggressively. Realizing a fight is about to occur, Yafein abandons Ariel to her fate and flees aboard his floater.

Further Studies

During the tower tournament, Yafein abandons Ariel yet again to go fight with the other boys but this later works against him, as Ariel learns that the other classmates had used Yafein as a meat shield against other opponents. Finally, Yafein confronts Ariel about calling him weak, using earth sorcery to lock her feet to the ground to prove that she was wrong. However, Ariel shapeshifts her feet to get out of his snare; Yafein calls her a monster and she snaps, throwing a mana bolt aimed at him but killing Maya instead.

Biography - Arc II

Main article: Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

15 years later, Yafein is seen during the Nuqrah'shareh civil war, having been sent there to avoid the rising tension in Chel--he is aiding the Illhar'dro defenders with fending off a mercenary invasion on the main palace island. Sandaur'recherrai Val'Illhar'dro discovers him with his new slave Perl and warns him to head for safety, but Yafein arrogantly indicated that he could handle being in the war zone. Sandaur simply throws Yafein to the ground and tells him to get inside the palace. Unfortunately, Yafein is later seen being held captive by rogue mercenaries inside the palace, alongside Nyo'ka's two children, Jhal'na Val'Illhar'dro and her son Sorane, and Quian Jie'yen.

Notable Quotes

"The safest place is in the eye of the cyclone. Besides, it's your clan's death that they want, not some weak, insignificant Sullisin'rune. Such as me." - To Sandaur, during the attack on the Illhar'dro palace.