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Ano'toti Kyorl'solenurn

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Ano'toti is a young Kyorl'solenurn crusader serving in the Order of the Twin Eyes.

Appearance & Personality

Ano'toti is a young male drowussu with yellow eyes and blonde hair.

Biography - Arc I

Hunting the Vloz'ress

Ano'toti first appeared as a member of a Kyorl'solenurn party that had been assigned by Holy Mother Shimi'lande to hunt Vloz'ress summoners in retaliation for the kidnapping and torture of one of her friends.[1] Alongside Ron'nae were several fellow members of his Order; Wardens Ky'ovarde and Mili'ani, Templars Sang'oro and Ron'nae, and Inquisitor Ae'theriss. The group was also accompanied by Inquisitor Desmonde of the Order of the Holy Eye, whose task was to ensure the mission remained focused solely on eliminating the Vloz'ress and did not target other factions that might also be encountered.

After the Mission

Ano'toti would later enter a relationship with Ae'theriss, having bonded during their travels. Though Ae'theriss was prone to forgetting to eat, Ano'toti insisted he would be there to remind her to eat more.[2]

Notable Quotes

"I am Ano'toti, future crusader and proud follower of Sharess and the Holy Eye. I will not falter in the face of the corrupt. I will protect Aether's life with my own![3] - While standing his ground against the Vloz'ress corrupted, Afae.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 52.