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Ant'alya Sarghress

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Ant'alya is a friendly member of the Fallen Legion that invited Tir'ade to join the Val'Sarghress during his exile.

Appearance and Personality

Though kind and sweet, Ant'alya is still a member of the Fallen Legion.

Ant'alya is a sweet and dutiful Val'Sarghress soldier. She is patient and kind to Tir'ade, hoping that he will join her clan of his own volition rather than by forceful coercion.


Tir'ade's Fate

Antalya receives orders to recruit the exiled Tir'ade into the Sarghress clan.

Ant'alya was a member of the Fallen Legion who found a tainted Val'Kyorl'solenurn templar, Tir'ade, alone in the ruins of the Nidraa'chal War. When she reported her findings to Kel'noz Val'Sarghress, he instructed her to attempt to convince him to join the Val'Sarghress clan. Tainted or not, Kel'noz felt that anyone with templar training was bound to be an asset to their ranks.

Ant'alya approached Tir'ade gingerly with a peace offering of food. Tir'ade was happy for the meal and told Ant'alya the story of his tainting in return. He also told her that he was still trying to expunge his seed from his body so he could return home, though his hope was wearing thin. Ant'alya told him that if he ever changed his mind, there would always be a place for him in the Val'Sarghress. He politely declined, and Ant'alya left for the night.

Through Ant'alya's death, Tir'ade was brought into the Sarghress clan's fold, posthumously completing her mission.

She returned several times over the next few days to provide Tir'ade with food and water. One one of her visits, she found that Tir'ade was away from his usual camp, and assumed he was just out for a walk. However, Yaeminira and Vy'chriel Vel'Sharen caught her as she was leaving. They killed her and left her body mangled among the ruins.

Tir'ade later found her body. Upset by the loss of a friend and ally, he vowed to at least return her body to her family in the Val'Sarghress fortress. He succeeded in this, and ultimately ended up joining the Sarghress Mae'yukir house.

Notable Quotes

"I know you're loyal to your clan, Tir'ade, but if you run out of options come find me at the Sarghress Fortress. We could really use someone like you." - To Tir'ade, attempting to recruit him to the Sarghress Clan.

"I will, when I meet one!" - To Yaeminira Vel'Sharen, when told to have respect for her betters.

Character Concept