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Appeared in chapters                                                       54     

Aosh is a mercenary and former Dutan'vir currently residing in Ys.

Appearance & Personality

Aosh is a tall and lean mixblood of strong drowolath heritage with tainted eyes. He has short white hair worn in no particular style and dresses in a red coat with minimal armor adorning his upper torso and shoulders. He lost his right hand to a prior injury and now uses a golem prosthetic.

Having left his former clan since his tainting, he now wanders the surface taking any paying job while trying to avoid trouble that he has no personal stake in.

Biography - Arc III

Aosh first appears on the streets of Ys during Ariel's coup against the Council. As empaths under Ariel's command soothe the emotions of the populace from the airship, Aosh expresses a lack of concern, noting a lack of visible fighting outside of the Council towers.

Notable Quotes

"Let the Vals deal with Val problems, I say."[1] - Expressing a lack of concern with the Ariel's coup against the Council of Ys.

Character Concept