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Attack on North Cliff

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Occurs during chapters                                       38                    

On the 24th of the 6th Moon, Year 1114, Maki Vloz'ress and a handful of rogue Vel'Vloz'ress scourges invaded the Val'Sarghress-owned North Cliff on a quest for revenge.

Major Influences

Syphile's Expulsion

When Syphile Val'Sarghress was exiled from the Val'Sarghress clan in Year 1098, many of the tainted soldiers who patrolled the districts she used to own were also demoted and/or expelled from the clan.[1] Among these troops were Maki, Tsuris'lok, and Cac'bolg, a group that ultimately joined the Vel'Vloz'ress clan.

Event Timeline

24 6th Moon, 1114 - Maki's Invasion

Maki lead an invasion to reclaim the district she use used to protect against the landowner she used to serve, Ysmir. She used ferals as spies in the streets and made use of the sewer system to enter the district unnoticed.

When Sar'nel's squad was making their first patrol of the North Cliff territories, Maki carved a nether gate into a living civilian, who she then set free to walk the streets of the city.[2] The gate poured demons over the North Cliff until the drow encountered Sar'nel and his squad. Kau, Shala, and Ariel chased the walking gate until they were able to close it, but by then the district was becoming saturated with loose demons. Shala retreated to find more sealing stones while Kau, Ariel and Faen made their way to the district office to call the commoners to arms. After fighting their way through more hostile scourges and possessed civilians, they sent out the signal flares from the office.

Meanwhile, in attempts to protect Faen, Sar'nel himself had been captured by Maki's scourges. He broke free and pursued Maki through the sewer systems of the city until he met up with Ariel, who had disguised herself as a scourge for the same purpose. The pair continued following Maki's path until they found her taking Ysmir, the territory's landowner, as a hostage. Maki saw through Ariel's ruse and turned to fight, leaving Ysmir free to run. After a chase that left Sar'nel badly burned and wounded, Ariel challenged Maki in the streets above ground. When Maki's scourges arrived, Ariel rallied the surrounding commoners to arms to defend their land.

The Vloz'ress troops were ultimately repelled, and the demons let loose in the city were sealed.


Ariel's Command

Seven Sarghress were killed in the attack, and an unknown number of civilian casualties were claimed by the demons. Peace was restored to the district, but the remaining Home Guard soldiers were left without a clear leader. Xtka'en, technically the highest ranked officer fit for duty, deferred command of the troops to Ariel if she wished to take it. She did, and she used this leverage to encourage the soldiers under her to join Commander Sang's forces at Darya Lake.[3]

Maki's Fate

Maki returned to the Vel'Vloz'ress in one piece, but was severely punished by Kiel'ndia for opening a gate in a civilian district.[4] She was sent to Ill'haress Kharla'ggen to be dollified as her now toy.

The scourges that followed her were given a choice. They could either meet a similar fate or serve Kiel'ndia directly. Tsuris'lok and Cac'bolg both chose to follow Kiel, and they had their masks taken from them as punishment.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.