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Au'shura Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                                      53 54   57  

Au'shura is a Kyorl'solenurn Inquisitor and empath.

Appearance & Personality

Au'shura is a tall and lean male drowussu with orange eyes. He has long brown hair styled into a loose ponytail. He dresses in a dark tunic with a grey shawl. He is a rather cruel and abrasive individual, a coping mechanism which he has developed to maintain a level of emotional distance.

Biography- Arc III

Au'shura had relocated to the Shikomei colony three years after Anahid's induction, and according to Eclavdiira he was exiled to the surface. She sees Tir'ade and other tainted who have come back to the clan as a threat to society, warning but Au'shura states that they have suffered enough--while commenting on his cute butt.[1]

Notable Quotes

"Leave the man be. The man tortures himself already. Sweet, sweet pain."[2] - Speaking of Tir'ade's taint.

Character Concept