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Awdri Nori'fu Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                47   50         

A calm and collected member of Koil'dorath's squad.

Appearance & Personality

Awdri is lean and especially tall for a drowolath male. He has orange eyes and long white hair with a streak of sarghress-red, styled into a long braid reminiscent of Mandroga. He is one of the more responsible and professional members of his squad, still showing a degree of restraint.


He is first seen during the closing hours of the District War, during the peacetalks between the two alliances. As Saryth arrives with the dismembered remains of civilian protesters to use as wolf-feed, the squad has a discussion over the issue before Koil'dorath settles the matter by rebuking Gaes and Saryth[1]. Following this, he continues to watch from their post as the meeting takes place.

Shortly thereafter, he is one of the many overtaken during the Puppeteer Incident orchestrated by Ni'bai. After the control is broken, he is among those that help drive back the Demon God. The beast's defeat results in a formal peace being brokered between the Sarghress and the Sharen alliances.

Awdri, Saryth and Gaes'riganis Am'saag Sarghress are part of a team sent by Suu'be to extract Mel'arnach's children from their playroom, in midst of the chaos of Quain'tana's poison-fueled berserker rage against the clan. They discover that one of the children was murdered, and quickly place Jiv'kyn under arrest. However, Faen escapes towards a raging Quain'tana. He is later seen alongside his team and brother Ulbaga as they hunt down Laele, after hearing the warning call from an unlucky Mae'yukir sealer. Gaes and Saryth insist on killing the flesh golem, but Awdri is unsure and Ulbaga would rather subdue her. Gaes'riganis makes the choice for them, cratering Laele's skull--resulting in a massive demon spilling out of the corpse.

Notable Quotes

"I suppose we can only tell the true Sarghress from the fakes by whether or not they stand their ground." -Regarding the large number of new recruits.