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Ayana'sima Balvhakara

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Appeared in chapters                                                47            

A Balvhakara engineer serving in the Sharen Alliance.

Appearance & Personality

Ayana'sima is a smaller drowolath with orange eyes. She has short black hair with yellow highlights, and wears a light breastplate over a sleeveless tunic. She is blunt and outspoken; better in some ways with machinery than people. She is fiercely proud of her golems, eagerly boasting of their firepower and specifications. However, she maintains a realistic assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, constantly worrying about their maintenance.


Peace Negotiations

She is first seen during the negotiations between Quain'tana and Zala'ess. As Zala asks her advisors as to the state of the Alliance, Ayana'sima bluntly affirms that the Alliance's forces are stuck in what she refers to as 'a hot mess'. As Quain'tana arrives, she expresses a desire to leave, but is asked to stay by Zala'ess so as to present a stronger front for negotiations. Said negotiations quickly falter as a large Balvhakara wargolem breaks the roof of the meeting room, directly threatening Quain'tana and her escort.

As she desired to leave and put up her welding mask in advance, it seems she was well aware of the golem's imminent arrival. This is further reinforced when she lists the specifications of the golem to Quain'tana as a threat and show of force. Quain'tana coldly calls the bluff, noting the alliance members present would not survive, either.

To prevent further escalation, Zala'ess simply apologizes to Quain'tana, infuriating the Sarghress leader. As Zala begins to spin Ash'waren's motives, Quain'tana finally loses all patience, grasping Zala'ess tightly by the jaw and forcing her to order everyone else out of the room.

Demon God Incident

Shortly thereafter, Ni'bai enacts her plot to use Kharla to control the power of a Demon God, and Ayana'sima is one of the many overtaken in what would later be called the Puppeteer Incident. No longer in control of her own body, she was forced to attempt to take Zala's life, but was prevented from doing so by the sacrifice of Sabrror.

After the control is broken, the Balvhakara forces are among those to help repel the Demon God, resulting in a tenuous peace between the Sharen and Sarghress alliances. However, Sarv'swati arrives and challenges Quain'tana to an honor duel. Not wishing to risk this newfound peace, Zala'ess orders her forces to apprehend her sister. Ayana'sima and her fellow Balvhakaras attempt to bring the rogue Sharen down with mana cannons, but ultimately Quain'tana accepts the challenge and orders all other fighters to stand down.

Notable Quotes

"This particular golem is equipped with a dvergar tech cannon loaded with 152mm alloy plated steel. Even your legend won't survive the blast from this baby." - While threatening Quain'tana during negotations.

Character Concept