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Bae'rali Val'Sullisin'rune

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A powerful empath in the employ of Snadhya'rune.

Appearance & Personality

Bae'rali is a tall and thin drowolath with white hair and prominent Sullisin face paint. She predominantly dresses in yellow and teal robes, and wears a small golden bead on the center of her forehead. Of the three sisters, Bae'rali is both the most assertive and the most openly sadistic. She frequently takes on a leadership position among the trio, and takes great pleasure in the suffering of her enemies.


14th-26th Day, 6th Moon - Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

She is first seen alongside her sisters during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War, aiding the rebellion led by Balsii. Under the command of Kalki, the trio are able to retrieve a powerful ancient weapon from the Illhar'dro: The Ancient Airship. Simultaneously, by flaunting their Sullisin'rune heritage, the trio is able to pin the blame for the rebellion upon the Sarghress alliance.

In an attempt to prevent it's theft, Zala'ess sends a team comprised of Chrys'tel, Nau'kheol, Yami'ni, Jiaan, and Quar'imar to reclaim the vessel. However, while the group is able to infiltrate the airship, they are overwhelmed by the powerful emapthy of the three sisters. In the ensuing Skirmish, Yami'ni is slain, and Jiaan is captured. With the rest of the Sharen team retreating, the Nidraa'chal agents are able to take off in the airship just as the Illhar'dro launch a last-ditch artillery barrage in an attempt to prevent it's theft.

After reaching the surface, they are able to sow further discord by using the captured airship to bombard Saosh Colony, further inciting conflict between the Sarghress and Nuqrah'shareh.

6-7th Day, 7th Moon - Felde Gathering

Upon arriving in Felde, it is revealed the trio have been mentally torturing Jiaan in an attempt to break his will. An attempt largely successful, and with Bae'rali taking an especially sadistic pleasure in the process. Having successfully delivered the airship to Snadhya'rune, the three are promptly tasked with aiding in the interrogation of Erelice.

The next day, the three are present at the dinner Snadhya'rune has with Ariel. After Kalki's bout of jealous insanity leaves Ariel critically wounded, Faen lashes out protectively with empathy, an effort the trio negates with trivial ease.

Shortly thereafter, Kavahini warriors from Mimaneid launch a full assault upon the gathering, with the bulk of their forces focusing on the airship. While the Kavahini succeed in disabling the craft, they are unable to hold their vessel, as the three sisters counter attack with a ferociously powerful emapthy assault. The bulk of the surviving Kavahini fall back to the World Tree as their force is routed.

Mission to Chel

After the conclusion of the gathering, the trio are sent to Chel to disrupt the Sarghress/Sharen alliance. As Sil'lice spearheads an assault upon Shadhya'rune's tower, the three sisters launch another of their linked emapthy attacks upon the besieging Sarghress forces, allowing nether summons and golems to cause massive casualties to the disoriented troops. However, Nishi'kanta is quickly able to locate the three. As Bae'rali is forced to split off from the link to deal with her, Mae'rali and Sae'rali focus even further to compensate. Though Bae'rali is able to stall Nishi'kanta with emapthy, the distraction serves to allow Sil'lice to arrive unnoticed. Before the sisters are aware of her presence, she stabs Sae'rali in the chest with a sword, breaking the empathy link entirely. Bae'rali herself loses focus on Nishi'kanta, allowing the middle child of the Sharen Sisters to recover and counterattack with devastating fire sorcery, critically wounding Bae'rali. Though the three sisters are saved from further injury by the timely arrival of Mel'arnach and Shodun, their empathy assault is broken and the Nidraa'chal are forced to retreat.

Sharen Sibling Showdown at the Nal'Sarkoth Fortress

After surviving the assault on Snadya'rune's tower, the three Sul sisters are found escorting Snadya'runes to a meeting with the Viri'sylvia Val'Nal'sarkoth regarding trade between Chel and Felde. The triplets taunted Shinae, forcing her to smile using their empathy [1]. Shortly afterwards, an alert was sounded, announcing that the Nal'sarkoth compound was being invaded by an unknown intruder.

Snadya'runes quickly set her subordinates into motion, setting an ambush for the intruders, who turned out to be a party consisting of her sister, Nishi'kanta, her niece Chrys'tel, An'jin and Sara'hilana. During the ambush, Snadya's group was counter-ambushed, with the Sul sisters being surprised by a blast from Sara's mana cannon. Bae'rali took the brunt of the damage, allowing her sisters to escape the fight [2].

Only Bae'rali survived the conflict, escaping with severe burns with the rest of Snadya'runes team, and later served as one of Snadhya's guards in the Sharen fortress, during the negotiations with Zala'ess Vel'Sharen.

Biography - Arc III

Three years after the conclusion of the District War, the surviving triplet was on board the stolen Illhar'dro airship[3], using empathy to search for the Sarghress targets hidding in the Nidavellir mists. When she turned her search towards the city of Machike'Shikumo, much to Bae'rali's surprise, Ash'waren herself was hiding among the people. When the airship finally catches up with the survivors in Sha'shi, Bae'rali singles out Faen, only to be overcome by Faen's own empathy and stunned. One of her last words to the Sarghress after her capture was a dire warning that should the airship fail, a Sarghress-led strike team was to be sent to eliminate Ariel and all who oppose the new Alliance[4].

Notable Quotes

"So many Sharens. It's pay back time, sisters!" -While claiming the airship for Snadhya'rune.