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Baef was a Sharen war-dragon and mount of Sorn'mal.

Appearance and Personality

Baef was a robust and well-built female dragon with grey eyes and puce skin. She had forward curving horns that were adorned with jewelry and trinkets. She also wore a prominent scarf. Though loyal and protective of Sorn'mal, she was jealous of his relationship with Nona'brail.

Biography - Arc II

During The District War

Baef was first seen posted alongside her rider during a public parade of Diva'ratrika. Unbeknownst to the Guards, the procession was actually a ruse created by Sarv'swati to propagate the myth that Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika was alive and well. The woman they were protecting was actually a biogolem in the form of the Empress. A squad consisting of Sarghress assassins and commoners attacked the parade, distracting the Guard while Myo'na of the Fallen Legion stealthily murdered the biogolem, exposing the fake Diva'ratrika.

Felde Gathering

Baef caught Nau spying on Sorn'mal, Sarai and Ran'diirk.[1] The three Imperial Guards interrogated the young prince while Baef held him in her mouth. Though Sorm'nal and Sarai didn't believe the truth that Snadhya'rune was behind the attacks, they did believe the lie that Kharla was the mastermind. With the group satisfied, Baef released Nau.

The Hunt for Shinae

Following the formal peace between the Sharen and Sarghress, Chrys'tel was tasked with locating her sister and bringing her before Zala'ess. She selected both Sorn'mal and Nona'brail to aid her in this task, with Baef accompanying the trio. All attempts to reason with Shinae fell flat, and a battle ensued. Initially gaining an advantage through the element of surprise, Shinae succeeded in injuring Sorn'mal and Baef. However, she made the mistake of pausing to taunt her sister. Sorn'mal used this time to recover and turn Chrys'tel's sorcery-altered blood back upon Shinae, following up with a vicious axe-blow. With Baef also recovering and delivering a powerful bite to Shinae's arm, the fight was all but ended as Sorn'mal called for her to stand down.

Knowing herself beaten, Shinae rejected a final offer of surrender and took Nona hostage in attempt to buy herself time. Knowing her to be too injured to get far and not wanting to risk Nona's life, Chrys'tel and Sorn'mal opted to let Shinae escape and track the trail of blood from a distance. Eventually, Shinae released Nona and continued on alone. Sorn'mal rushed to his mate's side while Baef growled at the blood trail.

Biography - Arc III

Sorn'mal finds Baef slain in the field.[2]

Invasion of Machike

Three years after the death of Quain'tana, Baef appeared in defense of Machike against the Hermionne invaders. Coming up behind the goblin lines, she began destroying the Hermionne trebuchet.[3] Unfortunately, her large size and obvious threat made her a priority target for the Herminonne forces and she was slain during the closing phases of the battle. She left behind three dragon hatchlings, cared for by Arkeo[4].

Notable Quotes

"UURRRRRRrrrrrrrrr...."[5] - While Shinae holds Nona'brail hostage.

Character Concept