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Baliir Vloz'ress

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Baliir Vloz'ress is a Vloz'ress Berserker. He is a strong and capable fighter, but an idealist at heart. He is currently working with Sara'hilana Val'Balvhakara.

Appearance and Personality

Baliir is an inordinately large drow who always wears an intimidating mask. Due to the type of tainting he received upon becoming a Berserker, his body mass grew into a tall, broad, and powerful physique.[1] Though his face has never been shown to the reader, it is implied that his face was also disfigured by this process.[2] He has short, spiky white hair with a long braid in the back, and he has tainted red eyes.

Despite his monstrous appearance and job title, Baliir is actually an exceptionally calm and reasonable man. He is an intelligent idealist who believes that drowkind could save themselves through democratic revolution. He would like to see the clan system replaced by a new form of government in which the general population is equally represented regardless of class.

He is frequently seen alongside Kuso Vloz'ress.

Biography - Arc I

Joining the Vloz'ress

Baliir chose to join the Vloz'ress, seeing their radical stance as a the leverage needed enact change in Chel'el'Sussoloth. He originally chose to follow Sene'kha in hopes that she would destroy the foundations of the clan system. Along with Kuso, he fought for her goals.

Sene'kha's Plan

During Sene'kha's hunt for the demon shard Discordia, Baliir and several other Vloz'ress followers of Sene'kha encountered a group of Kyorl'solenurn soldiers on a Sarghress trade route. Ron'nae Kyorl'solenurn attacked Baliir and Kuso, promping Kuso to run back to Sene'kha to warn her of the attack. Baliir and Ron'nae exchanged blows until Ron'nae was beaten and defeated. Baliir then turned to leave, leaving Ron'nae to wonder out loud why Baliir was choosing not to finish the job. The two radicals exchanged their idealistic viewpoints until Ron'nae became enraged by what he saw as blatant hypocrisy and heresy. Ron'nae attacked Baliir again, and it is implied that Baliir killed him for good.[3] Elsewhere in the caves, Sene'kha was defeated and eventually executed by the Kyorl Wardens.

Without their leader, Sene'kha's crew moved on to the surface to renew the search for Discordia. Their search was successful, and they brought the weakened demon shard back to the Vloz'ress fortress.

Sene'kha's Fall

Upon return to the Vloz'ress fortress, Sene'kha's group found that Kiel'ndia Vel'Vlozress had filled the power gap left by Sene'kha. She killed the leader of Baliir's squad when he refused to cooperate. The squad then fractured between those who accepted Kiel'ndia rule and those who still wanted to see Sene'kha's plan completed. Baliir sees Kiel'ndia's plans as beneficial to to drow race and chose to follow her willingly in hopes that she would eventually bring his visions to fruition.

Biography - Arc II

Under Kiel'ndia

Baliir now loyally serves Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress. He works as both a Berserker and a district administrator.[4]

Character Concept