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Redirect arrow.pngThis page is about the childhood friend of Diva'ratrika. For the daughter of Kiel and Nau, see Blossom Vloz'ress.

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Blossom, The Flower Queen, is a childhood friend of both Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune and Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen.

During the Moons Age, Blossom spent her time at Diva's and Ash'waren's side as refugees flooded Sharess' lands to escape the Great Wars. However, soon Blossom's mother was forced to flee their realm because of the demonic threat by setting their ancient forests on fire, and the nation ended up in the underworld as majority of dark elves did. The memory of the horrors faded from most, but Blossom could not forget the beauty of the surface they left behind, and became depressed.

As many dark elves did, the refugees that found shelter in the earth were frightened by the mutations happening to their children--they were giving birth to drow and these first children were victims of that fear. There were also still dark elves that bore hatred for the drow children, even 500 years later when Blossom became the next Flower Queen after her mother's death. She especially despised the ashen skinned elves and would refuse to have any drowolath become her consort. At this time, there were no dokkalfar of acceptable breeding for her to claim, and Blossom's subjects soon began to pressure her to produce heirs.

To put an end to the constant irritations of the drow advances, Blossom called upon the land to find her a flower resembling one from her memories of the surface. Her desire to see flowers again was deemed an impossible task to all suitors but one, the Flower Knight. He traveled for years in search of this elusive flower, encountering many hazards and degenerates that sought to deter him and take the prize for themselves. He came back with a strange seed produced from a dryad on the surface that claimed it would sprout a flower to please Blossom, and on his return to the kingdom, the Flower Queen instantly fell in love with it (although she felt that the flower was much different than the simple ones she remembered from the surface).

Blossom had fallen victim to that which she loved most.

Years passed and Blossom birthed many children with her Flower Knight, finally happy and pleased to be cultivating the peculiar red flowers that spawned from the seed that grew around her head as they matured. Blossom had even allowed her citizens to have red flowers of their own, and soon the kingdom knew a widespread peace and prosperity. However, tragically Blossom was later discovered in her garden of red flowers, a shriveled corpse and nearly unrecognizable... and soon the kingdom had suffered a similar fate, all save for the few that did not take the flower gift. The red flower was actually a parasitic plant that drained the aura of the unknowing host.

The Flower Knight was one of these lucky few, and in his grief he left for the surface to seek out the ones who caused this disaster to his beloved family.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 35.