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Chrys'tel's personal Dragon-mount.

Appearance & Personality

Cahal is a lightly build dragon with brown skin and orange eyes. He has small horns and prominent fin-like ears. He has a number of smaller birth defects, the most notable of which is a pair of vestigial wings at the shoulder. Cahal is loyal, protective, and obedient, but also rather lazy.


Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

Cahal is first seen, alongside Chrys'tel, during the latter's foray into the war-torn territory of Nuqrah'shareh. While accompanying a large contingent of Sharen forces escorting her mother, they are met by a Balvhakara force led by Sara that briefs the young Vel on the status of the region. In particular, the growing hunger and unrest, and Balsii's rapidly growing influence. Arriving at the Nuqrah'shareh palace, Zala'ess begins a negotiation with Nega'fanea; in exchange for Sharen support in quelling the unrest, Nega'fanea will support Zala'ess' claim to the throne. Seeing little option, Nega'fanea accepts.

Shortly thereafter, Chrys'tel rides Cahal into combat against the rebels, approaching through the lake unseen to spearhead an assault upon the rebel golems. The attack is a success, and the golems are crippled nearly without loss. Cahal serves their rider well during the bloodier urban battles that follow, and both emerge from the war relatively unscathed.

Unravel Arc

Following the Puppeteer Incident and the formal peace between the Sharen and Sarghress, Chrys'tel is tasked with locating her sister and bringing her before Zala'ess. She rides Cahal during this hunt, while selecting both Sorn'mal and Nona'brail to accompany her. All attempts to reason with Shinae fall flat, and a battle ensues. Initially gaining an advantage through the element of surprise, Shinae inflicts minor wounds upon Cahal, Baef, and Sorn'mal. However, she makes the mistake of pausing to taunt her sister, and is quickly overwhelmed as the group recovers.

Bloodied and beaten, Shinae rejects a final offer of surrender and takes Nona hostage in attempt to buy herself time. Knowing Shinae to be to injured to get far, and not wanting to risk Nona's life, Chrys'tel and Sorn'mal opt to let her go and track the trail of blood from a distance. Eventually, Shinae releases Nona and continues on alone. Chrys'tel dismounts from Cahal and inspects the end of the blood trail, noting someone must have carried Shinae from the spot.

Character Concept