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Cair'deirene Sullisin'rune

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Appeared in chapters                                         40                   

Cair'deirene is a Sullis'rune serving as both an officer and ambassador for the clan during their alliance with the Sarghress clan.

Appearance & Personality

Cair has blue clothes and blue hair dyed in two different shades of blue. Cair has some blue dot markings below her eyes. In combat, she wears grey armour.

Biography - Arc II

Cair'deirene discusses the Val'Beldrobbaen and Sarv'swati's push in the north with Sang Niz'zre Sarghress. They come to the conclusion that the Sarghress troops let by Koil'dorath may be forced to retreat due to the advantages the Beldrobbaen have in the area. She was caught in the explosion of the building caused by Malag'nafein and was caught and led to the Sharen-held Slaver's district by Oiloss'lin Xyrrai'zestu Sharen. In an attempt to break free, Cair'deirene and other captured Sarghress cause a prison break, but she lost consciousness in a brawl with Black Sun slavers. She later awakens in her feral guardian Niva'li's bed.

Notable Quotes

"Enough to make Koil consider a retreat by the morrow. We're stretched thin. The Beldrobbaen have the advantage of having a smaller district to cover."[1] - Discussing the strategic situation with Sang.

Character Concept