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Cer'kal Veru'ur

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Appeared in side stories Battlefield Engineers

Cer'kal is a young commoner that works as an agent for Mikilu'ligr Val'Dutan'vir.

Appearance and Personality

Cer'kal is a bubbly and smiley girl despite her poor lot in life. She is best friends with Taio'shi, a homeless outcast.

The girls both loyally serve the needs of Mikilu'ligr Val'Dutan'vir. Their inconspicuous and innocent appearance lets them cause mischief where Mikilu herself cannot, and the pair are happy to perform even the most dangerous of tasks for their leader. Unlike Taio'shi, Cer'kal has a loving family that is concerned for her well-being.

Cer'kal once had a sweet face with bright purple eyes, but following an accident on one of Mikilu's missions she suffered terrible burns over most of her body. The left side of her face is severely scarred, and her left eye appears to be damaged as well. Her personality remains unchanged, and she is still happy to help Mikilu with a smile.


Commoner Life

Cer'kal and her older brother Yhine grew up working in their mother's brewery alongside their other siblings. Cer'kal, the second youngest, became close friends with a strange girl named Taio'shi.

Mikilu's Servant

Taio'shi introduced Cer'kal to Mikilu'ligr Val'Dutan'vir, who she referred to as her "mother." The pair began running "errands" for Mikilu that would further her plans for revenge on the Vel'Sharen. These tasks were often very dangerous, but despite warnings from her family Cer'kal continued to help.

One of these assignments involved an assassination attempt on Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen. Taio'shi pretended to innocently fall in front of Snadhya's carriage, and while Cer'kal apologized to the guards she discretely planted a bomb on the street. The pair ran off, letting the explosion rock through Snadhya's carriage. Snadhya'rune and her passengers Mel'arnach and Zhor survived the attack with little more than some minor bruising.

In a later attempt on Snadhya's life, Cer'kal dropped an explosive as she was setting it, triggering the blast instantly. Taio'shi dragged the horrifically injured Cer'kal back to her family, where Yhine treated her wounds. Straining herself to speak, Cer'kal confessed that it was her own fault, and begged Taio'shi to tell Mikilu she was sorry. This strained her relationship with Yhine, who started loathing Taio'shi and Mikilu for the dangers they were exposing his sister to.

Battlefield Engineers

Years later, Cer'kal recovered both physically and mentally. Her face was badly scarred, but she kept on doing Mikilu's work with a smile.

While gathering intelligence on the Val'Sarghress unit in which Yhine had enlisted, she came to the aid of Dra'jyal Kal'yantra, an engineer that was sent on a covert messenger mission. Though Dra'jyal was reluctant to trust her, she convinced him that she was an ally to a friend of her brother's and told him some of her history.

When they arrived at Dra'jyal's goal, she mysteriously vanished back into the shadows.

Outside of Moonless Age

Note: The details that follow may not be canon to the story of Moonless Age.

Taio'shi and Cer'kal were originally introduced in the winning entry of the 2010 manga contest, New Tales from Old Chel: The Misadventures of Drow Peasants, drawn and written by Zee Rose.

Though Zee Rose later joined the Drowtales staff and some of the events of this story were incorporated in the main comic, it is still considered a fan-written piece outside of the main canon.

The comic tells the story of how Cer'kal and Taio'shi met, explores Taio'shi's history, and introduces Taio'shi and Mikilu's relationship.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 41 .