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Chapter 56 - Empire Weaver

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Note: The author's page descriptions for this chapter can be found here.

Template:Chapter Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen continues her quest to unravel Snadya'rune's schemes, joining forces again with Kiel and her misfit crew. Meanwhile, Ariel and Kel'noz Val'Sarghress are returned to the Sarghress Fortress in Chel, where they must fight not only for the clan's future, but for their very survival.



Main Cast - Unsorted

Portrait Cahal.png
Chrys'tel's personal Dragon-mount.
Portrait Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen.png
Chrys'tel is a younger daughter of Zala'ess and an Imperial Vel'Sharen Overseer. She and her protector twin Shinae have been exploring the dark secrets of her family's history.
(Diva (Merchant).png not found, click to upload)
Diva is a traveling merchant and amateur relic hunter traveling the underworld and, occasionally, the surface.
Portrait Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress.png
Kiel'ndia is the impulsive and reckless former leader of the Vel'Vloz'ress clan. She has a rare ability to communicate with demons from planes beyond.
Portrait Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen.png
Naal'suul is the daughter of Waes'soloth.
Portrait Nau'kheol Vel'Sharen.png
Nau'kheol is Chrys'tel's younger brother. He the same age as Ariel and was a classmate of hers at Orthorbbae.
Portrait Shinae Vel'Sharen.png
Shinae is the protector twin of Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen. She is vocal and stubborn in her support of the ruling Vel'Sharen clan.
Portrait Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen.png
Snadhya'rune is the eldest daughter of Empress Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen. She is the headmistress of the Orthorbbae and an incredibly powerful summoner.
Portrait Wi'am Val'Jaal'darya.png
Wi'am Val'Jaal'darya is an envoy for the clan, sent to visit many powerful and influential people to bargain the clan's trade in exchange for political agreements that favor the Jaal'darya.
Portrait Zala'ess Vel'Sharen.png
Zala'ess is the the fifth and youngest daughter of Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika. She is the political head of the Vel'Sharen clan.

Alliance Personnel

Portrait Banja'pyrex Val'Beldrobbaen.png
Banja'pyrex is a maternalistic drider guardian of Waes'soloth.
Portrait Himani'khuni Val'Balvhakara.png
Himani'khuni is a Balvhakara golem engineer and an older daughter of Illhar Agneya'mukhi.
Portrait Jhane Jie'yen.png
Jhane is a very taciturn Jie'yen warrior-monk and diplomat serving in the Sharen Alliance.
Portrait Kedren Val'Balvhakara.png
Kedren is one of the sons of Illhar Agneya'mukhi Balvhakara. He was, for a time, Chrys'tel's chosen mate.
Portrait Kyu'dosha Illhar'dro.png
Kyu'dosha is an Illhar'dro courier working for Zala'ess' alliance.
Portrait Melas'ryon Val'Beldrobbaen.png
Melas'ryon is a Beldrobbaen envoy currently assigned to Felde.
Portrait Saph'ala Vel'Sharen.png
Sapha'ala is one of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen's older daughters who acts as her second-in-command, as well as a mediator between the branches of the Vel'Sharen clan.
Portrait Vaas'tile Val'Balvhakara.png
Vaas'tile is a Balvhakara engineer working in the Sharen Alliance.

Imperial Guard

Portrait Al'tesh Vel'Sharen.png
Al'tesh was a long-serving Imperial Guard of Sarv'swati's lineage.
Portrait Jaharka.png
Jaharka is an Overseer in the Imperial Guard, appointed by and loyal to Snadhya'rune.
Portrait Nata'sinh Vel'Sharen.png
Nata'sinh is a cheerfully bloodthirsty Dragon Knight of Zala'ess' lineage now serving in the Imperial Guard.
Portrait Nemea'tari Delbara Val'Beldrobbaen.png
Nemea'tari is a Val'Beldrobbaen serving as an Overseer in the Imperial Guard.
Portrait Sarai Shessembrae Val'Beldrobbaen.png
Sarai is a Val'Beldrobbaen Overseer in the Imperial Guard, acting as a taskmaster for the Empress' slaves.
Portrait Tehur Vel'Sharen.png
Tehur is a new Imperial Guard serving the Empress.
(Tlu'rath.png not found, click to upload)
Tlu'rath is an aged and stoic drider serving in the Imperial Guard.
(Zuhur Vel'Sharen_Imperial.png not found, click to upload)
Zuhur is one of Zala'ess' many sons and the newest member of the Imperial Guard.

Wolfpack Prisoners

Portrait Apura Nal'sarkoth.png
A tall Nal'sarkoth envoy and apparent bodyguard to Viri'sylvia.
Portrait Araa'toskr Han'dai Val'Illhar'dro.png
Araa'toskr is a colony-born Illhar'dro attending Snadhya'rune's Felde party.
Portrait Bal'diira Mae'yukir Sarghress.png
A sealer in Koil'dorath's Assault Legion.
Portrait Chigusa Val'Sharen.png
Chigusa is a Val'Sharen renegade of Nishi'kanta's line. She is now a Machike colonist seeking to end the Nidra'chaal threat.
Portrait Durlyn Mae'yukir Sarghress.png
Durlyn was a member of the Home Guard and one of Ariel's earlier supporters among the Sarghress rank and file.
Portrait Eria.png
Eria is a former slave and Nal'sarkoth Val, currently acting as a crew member aboard the airship under Sarghress control.
Portrait Ischa Val'Beldrobbaen.png
A well-meaning, if somewhat overbearing, attendant of Waes'soloth.
Portrait Koana Vloz'ress.png
Koana is an intelligent berserker in Ariel's Wolfpack.
(Maiq Nal'sarkoth.png not found, click to upload)
Maiq is a Nal'sarkoth miner of Tei'kaliath ancestry living among the Sarghress of Machike.
Portrait Merril'lin Kyorl'solenurn.png
Merril'lin is a mischievous seer in the service of the Order of the Holy Eye.
(Nergui.png not found, click to upload)
Nergui is a Black Sun colonist living in Machike.
Portrait Reka Sarghress.png
Reka is an archer serving in the Fallen Legion. Most recently, she was stationed in Machike.
Portrait Saga Am'saag Sarghress.png
Saga is a Sarghress soldier serving in Machike during the Hermionne attack.
Portrait Slyand'iss Sullisin'rune.png
Slyand'iss is a Sullisin'rune golem pilot and engineer.
Portrait Taldrin Sarghress.png
An aloof and diminutive Sarghress soldier.
Portrait Thera.png
Thera is a Ne'kalsaider tailor from the Klar'bol market, who then became a colonist in Machike'Shikumo.

Val'Sarghress Clan


Portrait Kor'maril Niz'zre Sarghress.png
Kor'maril is a high ranking soldier of the Val'Sarghress clan. He is the son of Commander Sang Niz'zre Sarghress.
Portrait Mablevi Sarghress.png
Mablevi is the commander of the Fallen Legion, a stealth-based division of the Val'Sarghress military.
Portrait Mandroga Nori'fu Sarghress.png
Mandroga is an old member of the Val'Sarghress clan and a prominent member of House Nori'fu.


Portrait Jiv'kyn Sarghress.png
Jiv'kyn is a member of the Fallen Legion. He and Myo'na were tasked with protecting Ariel Val'Sarghress until she came of age.
Portrait Mooki'chan Sarghress.png
Mooki'chan is a diminutive and timid Sarghress sealer.
Portrait Myo'na Sarghress.png
Myo'na is a member of the Fallen Legion. She and Jiv'kyn were tasked with protecting Ariel Val'Sarghress until she came of age.
Portrait Niende Sarghress.png
Niende is an administrator for the Val'Sargress clan, overseeing the lands belonging to Ariel within the North Cliff district.
(Nikutalva Sarghress.png not found, click to upload)
Nikutalva is a soldier serving in the main branch of the Sarghress clan that formed following the death of Quain'tana.
Portrait Nei'kalsa Tions Sarghress.png
Nei'kalsa is Sar'nel's older sister and teacher, raising him until he was of age to attend Orthorbbae.
(Romakela Sarghress.png not found, click to upload)
Romakela is a Sarghress tracker and wolf-trainer currently serving as a field scout in The Fang.
Portrait Synathra Sarghress.png
A flirtatious Sarghress Highland Raider.


Portrait Ama.png
Ama is a large Direwolf belonging to Romakela.
Portrait Ariel's Direwolf.png
Ariel's Direwolf is an as-yet unnamed Direwolf gifted to Ariel after she was assigned to a Sarghress squad under the command of Sar'nel.
Portrait Ssu.png
Ssu is a large Direwolf belonging to Romakela.


Portrait Amal'thya Dutan'vir.png
Amal'thya is a female Dutan'vir serving as a Warden and sealer in the Kyorl'solenurn military.
Portrait Dalshen Kyorl'solenurn.png
Dalshen is a stern Kyorl'solenurn sealer and former Dutan'vir.
Portrait Delphian'des Kyorl'solenurn.png
Delphian'des is a ferocious Kyorl'solenurn Warden who serves within one of the clan's many purge squads.
Portrait Mili'ani Kyorl'solenurn.png
Mili'ani is a Kyorl'solenurn Warden serving in the Order of the Twin Eyes.
Portrait Yakuise Val'Kyorl'solenurn.png
Yakuise is a seer of Shimi'lande's line through adoption.


Portrait Bae'dyn Riia Val'Jaal'darya.png
Bae'dyn is a Val of the Jaal'darya clan, living in Orthorbbae with Kuso.
Portrait Finol Chandra Vloz'ress.png
Finol is an emotionally unstable Vloz'ress residing in Orthorbbae.
Portrait Njack.png
Njack is a naga-like "friend demon" summon of Kiel'ndia.
Portrait Sil'nua Val'Sharen.png
Sil'nua is one of Sil'lice's surviving sons and one of the few remaining Sharen loyal to her cause.

Nidraa'chal Agents

Portrait Adira Vlos'tah.png
Adira is a mana-specialist serving as the commander of Snadhya'rune's Felde garrison.
Portrait Amir'lorel Val'Sullisin'rune.png
Amir'lorel is a somewhat unscrupulous socialite that acts as an informant and spy for Snadhya'rune.
Portrait Bargrez.png
Bargrez is a Feldian mercenary currently in the service of Snadhya'rune.
Portrait Daenar Nidraa'chal.png
Daenar is a Nidraa'chal agent serving aboard the stolen airship.
Portrait Nehleanee Vel'Sharen.png
Nehleanee is a ranking Vel'Sharen and nether summoner acting formerly acting as a liaison. In truth, she is a senior Nidraa'chal agent in service to Snadhya'rune.
(Sehra'ven Nidraa'chal.png not found, click to upload)
Sehra'ven is a Nidraa'chal agent serving as Snadhya'rune's bodyguard.


Portrait Koubagia Kavahini.png
Koubagia is a mute and deaf Kavahini warrior.
(Scen'tloth.png not found, click to upload)
Scen'tloth is a wandering demon residing within a nether-infested district of Chel.
(Zenon'wraith.png not found, click to upload)
Zenon'wraith is a sentient residing in a demon-infested district of Chel.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.