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Characters - Hel

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Redirect arrow.pngThis page is about main characters. For the list of all characters, see Characters.

This page features a list of the main characters in Hel and its associated side stories.

Main Cast

Core Characters

These characters are the core protagonists of the Hel as have appears to date.

Portrait Cohlada.png
Cohlada is a slime keeping the company of Bale.
Portrait Nine of Dusk.png
Nine is an angel and core protagonist of Hel.
Portrait Bale.png
Bale is an ascended Capri and central protagonist of Hel.
Portrait Sibelle.png
Sibelle is a half-Muspelli Helian and core protagonist of Hel.
Portrait Vrachos.png
Vrachos is
Portrait Yaro.png
Yaro is an ascended Capri and a former adventuring companion of Bale.
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Yen was a Cetian hunter and duelist.