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Charcoal is a curious and cheerful Cetian living in the 3rd Circle.

Appearance & Personality

While her nature as a Cetian allows for limited shapeshifting, Charcoal's preferred form is somewhat rabbit-like; with digitigrade legs, small forelimbs, and long ears. She does, however, have a long lizard-like tail. She is also possessed of an almost lion-like mane of fluffy white hair.

Charcoal has a very cheery, even bubbly demeanor. While most of her peers reacted with alarm or suspicion at the sudden appearance of an angel, Charcoal's reaction was immediately friendly and curious. Charcoal also has a rather short attention span, with her focus changing quickly - and strangely.


Charcoal first appears as Nine & Bale crash land onto an elevator at the 3rd Circle while fleeing bounty hunters. Having survived a fall all the way from the 2rd Circle through Nine's instinctive use of her angelic wings, Nine's nature was immediately noticed by the Helians on the elevator. While others had varied reactions of shock or mistrust, Charcoal innocently walked up to the dazed angel and asked if she was OK after the fall, while quickly complimenting the impressiveness of her feat.

However, as is wont for those that reside in Hel, Charcoal's attention soon took on a much stranger focus. Gazing at Nine's hair, Charcoal cheerily remarked that it looked tasty and latched onto Nine's leg, plaintively pleading for just a small taste. Nine moved quickly to shake the strange little Helian from her leg before continuing to flee with Bale.

Notable Quotes

"Your hair looks tasty. Please, just a little taste."[1] -Making a disconcertingly direct plea upon meeting Nine.

Character Concept