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Chigusa Val'Sharen

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Chigusa is a Val'Sharen renegade of Nishi'kanta's line. She is now a Machike colonist seeking to end the Nidra'chaal threat.

Appearance and Personality

Chigusa wears mostly red clothes as is characteristic of those of Nishi'kanta's line. Her long yellow hair is tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon, and the young Sharen occasionally wears the signature armor of an Imperial Guard. While on the surface, she wore a heavy brown coat over her bright red dress with golden jewelry, and a brown scarf for the colder temperatures. When she returned to participate in the insurrection against the Empress of Chel, Chigusa donned white armor from a deceased Imperial guard to combat the Feldian Nidraa'chal. Chigusa is never far from her weapons, which are either two swords, a dagger or a spear. The symbol of her status as a Sharen princess is a golden chain linking several ruby gems, worn around the crown of her hair.

Chigusa dislikes her taint and does not want to die by it, often feeling the effects of taint sickness, but over years has learned to cope with the inevitable. Contrast to her mother's tendency towards inaction, the Vel'Sharen is one to take control of the situation and fight by any means necessary, for the safety of her family. However, her taint sickness has progressed over time, and has begun to affect her emotional state. She rode a dragon mount named Arkeo.

Biography - Arc II

The sisters trudge through the mud, on their way to Mimaneid.

Following their sabotage to the defenses at First Landing, Chigusa travels with Chess'riia trying to get to a rendezvous point where Sil'lice, Nishi'kanta, Kadara, Diva, Dindr'aen and Perciva are waiting. She collapses and tells Chess'riia to just leave her there but Chess'riia refuses[1]. They are then attacked by a kiri'su. They fend off the attack and arrive at the rendezvous point. They explain that though they were successful in sabotaging the First Landing defenses for the Sarghress, they lost many other Sharen renegades--18 were sent, but only two make it out of the combined Sarghress assault and a Black Sun ambush.

They later arrive in Mimaneid where Chigusa tries to protest against the duel Chess'riia was challenged to[2]. Thanks to Diva's rather late warning, the two of them quickly figure out that Mimians favor elaborate dueling involving wind sorcery and dueling poles.

Biography - Arc III

Chigusa and Arkeo beside their mates, in the aftermath.

Chigusa is among the Machike'Shikumo colonists driving the Hermionne away. She and her son Asura ride on her dragon Arkeo to scatter the Hermionne surrounding a massive cannon[3]. Baef is mortally wounded as Chigusa pushes back the cannon from Hermionne control, and after the Hermionne scatter, she goes to her mate's side to mourn the beloved dragon's death[4].

Road to Sha'shi

When the Nidraa'chal attack the colony, Chigusa and her family are forced to evacuate to the city below[5], carrying two precious eggs left behind by Baef. The Nidraa'chal continue their pursuit of the colonists, forcing Chigusa to be separated from her dragon when the city is destroyed by falling debris. Along with the survivors of the continued disaster--separated from her dragon--she travels on foot to Sha'shi[6], where the fight for survival continues when the ship docks. When the survivors overpower the Nidraa'chal and return home on the airship, Chigusa and Sorn'mal return home to witness one of Baef's eggs hatching alongside Arkeo [7].

Countering Felde

She is among those who volunteer to aid Ariel in the plan to stifle Felde's resources on the surface, starting with Ys. Chigusa and an armored Arkeo stop the advance of reinforcements to the Council's tower[8]. Her service continued into Felde, where amidst a demon outbreak, they contended with a command of hostile Sarghress legionaries intending to kill those among Ariel and Kel'noz's resistance group [9]. Combined with Kel'noz's earth arts and using her own affinity to keep attackers at bay, she held the line while others retreated. However, the assault was not enough to stop Commander Sang's gigantic wolf mount from savaging Arkeo--only being held back by Chigusa's spear strikes. As the skirmishing line pushed the defenders further back, Chigusa continued to defend her injured mount against multiple spear stabs. [10]

The dragon knight descends upon Angjss'stra's soldiers.

Soon, the fighting was halted by Kel'noz's challenge for supremacy of the clan against Sang, and while he was declared the victor the rebels were forced to follow Ariel into surrender. The Legion under Kor'maril captured the survivors and had them bound, to be marched out of Felde.

The Return to Chel & The Final Conflict

Along with the survivors, Chigusa is captured and marched back to Chel'el'Sussoloth to face judgement under a hostile, anti-Val environment. Instead, Ariel is pitted against challengers in a succession of duels meant to humiliate and kill her, led by Mandroga. Chigusa happily joined the chorus to force Mandroga to fight Ariel for control of the clan[11].

With the combined forces of Ariel's clan, colonist renegades and Chrys'tel's Imperial Guards, Chigusa joined the march against the sitting Empress and the leader of the Nidra'chaal. The convoy was struck by a series of sneak attacks by Feldian agents, and she found herself entrenched in an alley with Miri'rakiam, Rag'naros, Saga and several Sarghress soldiers[12]. The two Feldian Nidraa'chal launched a mental assault against the resistance, while the demon charged Miri'rakiam on the stone blockade. Chigusa shouted to the soldiers to cover their ears against the spellsong, but combined with the empath's power many dropped their weapons or forcibly kneeled. However, Kyo'nne and Eiri'an came to their aid with a power blast of their own spellsong, enabling Chigusa's team to take down the four-armed monstrosity.

Notable Quotes

"Better to die here than by the taint. I feel it, big sis. It's been eating me away. I hate it... I hate myself for it." - Speaking to Chess'ria in the wilderness tunnels leading to Mimaneid.

Character Concept