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Cie'nya Vloz'ress

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Appeared in chapters                                                          57  

Cie'nya is a young survivor of the scattered Vloz'ress clan. She was born to founding members of the Vloz'ress and has been a part of the clan her entire life.

Appearance & Personality

Cie'nya is a petite female drowolath with merged tainted eyes. Her short white hair is styled into a simple bob cut. She has has a pronounced overbite and a set of scars on her cheek. She dresses in maid's attire in a manner not dissimilar to The Twins and other former attendants of Kharla'ggen. She has two large brown buttons fastened to her hair, which only reinforces her resemblance to the deceased Illhar'ess' living dolls.

She has a naive and childlike demeanor, being cautiously withdrawn around strangers and cheerfully excitable around friends. Perhaps a result of being born into the clan rather than fleeing to it in desperation, she shows few outward signs of the traumas common among those of the Vloz'ress and is thoroughly accustomed to the eccentric behavior of her peers. She is on good terms with Fame'nidea, with whom she shares a fondness for music and benign nether summons. In her case, she has formed a particularly strong attachment to a persistent cat-like summon, treating it in many ways as a surrogate family-member.

Biography - Arc III

Cie'nya first appeared as one of the handful of Vloz'ress mercenaries employed by the Alliance. As a Coalition led by Ariel and Chrys'tel marched upon the dome, the loosely organized band of survivors were tasked with opening gates along the path of the advancing forces. Keenly familiar with both nether summoning general as well as the particular quirks distinct to the Vloz'ress, Kiel'ndia was able to track down her former associates and persuade them to stand down. Though initially confused, Cie'nya took the sudden reversal in stride, relaying the command to her nearby fellows.[1]

Notable Quotes

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Character Concept