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Devkan Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                     36                       

Devkan Sarghress is a cameo character appearing in Moonless Age that was created and designed by Suntiger.

Appearance and Personality

Davkan is a mixed blood drow with blonde hair tied in a low ponytail. He has light purple eyes and wears a simple brown messenger's tunic.


Devkan is a mixed-blood messenger working for the Sarghress Clan.

Devkan and Riz leave Suu'be's office after attempting to report news of the rebellion in Nuqrah'shareh.

Upon hearing word of the civil war happening in Nuqrah'Shareh and witnessing hundreds of Vel'Sharen troops departing to aid the Val'Illhar'dro, he rushed back to the Sarghress command center with the news. With Ill'haress Quain'tana away in the field, Commander Suu'be was the one who recieved the message. She refused to do anything about it, but allowed Devkan to relay the message to Commander Koil'dorath at First Landing if he wished.

Outside of Moonless Age

Devkan first appeared in Mel's Knighthood.

Notable Quotes

"I'll skip on luck if it means I can get some sleep." - To Ariel, upon departing to report to Koil'dorath.