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Dhal'zin Stania Illhar'dro

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Dhal'zin is an Illhar'dro surface merchant heading the Stone Company, a cooperative trading group of drow and halme.

Appearance & Personality

Dhal'zin is a tall female drowolath with pale blue eyes. She leaves her hair undyned and styled with long asymmetrical bangs, adorned with a blue hairband. She dresses in rather elaborate red clothing and wears a heavy fur cloak and blue sash.

She is an affable individual, with a playfully teasing streak that is readily apparent in her interactions with Kai. For a drow, she is uncommonly tolerant and quite curious of other races and cultures. Indeed, she has even entered into romantic relationships with her halme companions, a prospect most drow would consider obscene. She does, however, struggle to share the perspective of her much shorter-lived peers.

Kyo'nne approvingly observes Dhal'zin and Kai are a couple.[1]

Biography - Arc I

North Gate Outpost

Dhal'zin first appeared as Chirinide, Shan'naal, and Kyo'nne traveled to the surface in search of Ariel at the behest of Shimi'lande. As the trio reached the gates of the north wall of the Dokkalfar Pass, they encountered an trading outpost operated by Ileh'gro.[2] Kyo'nne warmly greeted her fellow Illhar'dro, eager for news from her clan. As she expressed her shock at an Illhar'dro outpost so far from Nuqrah'shareh, he explained the outpost to be a joint-venture between the Illhar'dro and Nal'sarkoth for trade with the goblin tribes north of the wall. The conversation quickly took a darker tone, however, as he revealed the region's growing problems. Most alarming of these was the growing activity of a hostile Hermionne kingdom known as Niwaecer, a threat Dhal'zin noted to be especially problematic for independent traders.[3]

As Kai and Ileh'gro remarked on the Hermionne having originated from across the Great Sea, Dhal'zin idly pondered what else lay on the far side of the sea, suggesting there might be untold numbers of goblins and their kingdoms. Kyo'nne irritably agreed, noting that attempts to recolonize the surface would doubtless remain half-hearted despite the potential threat of hostile goblin empires. Alarmed by the strong anti-goblin sentiment, Kai pointed out his own people's perspective. Ileh'gro and Dhal'zin calmly reassured him that the halme were welcome at the side of the drow, with Dhal'zin pointing to the Stone Company as proof of peaceful relations, perhaps unaware of increasing attacks upon halme settlements by the Sarghress clan's Highland Raiders.[4]

As Kai discussed the news of an uprising within the sourthern lands of Niwaecer, Dhal'zin coyly suggested that perhaps the rebels might see more success if they were to receive generous shipments of supplies and steel. As she leaned close, Kyo'nne commented that the pair made a nice couple, embarrassing Kai and amusing Dhal'zin. While noting Kyo'nne to be observant, she incorrectly and perhaps intentionally referred to Kai as his ancestor, Fen. As he awkwardly corrected her, she playfully remarked that the two looked greatly alike and it grew difficult to remember the various names of her halme companions.

Notable Quotes

"I wonder what may beyond the Great Sea. A goblin empire? There could be a million of them, just on the other side. More than just the Hermionne tribes."[5] - Considering the implications of the Hermionne colonization from across the sea.

Outside of Moonless Age

While not a part of the main story, Dhal'zin appears in the canon journals of Fen Alstrat, ancestor of Kai and Dhal'zin's former companion. Audiobooks are available of their travels in Felde and Sha'shi.