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Dia'heira Jaal'darya

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Appeared in chapters                                                   50         

A cold and calculating Jaal'darya administrator.

Appearance & Personality

Dia'heira is a lightly-built drowolath with brown hair curled into an intricate series of buns. She has yellow eyes and numerous facial piercings and markings. She dresses in a blue robe with a golden embroidery and a matching sash. She is quite cold and distant, with a emotionally-detached attitude to her work.


She is first seen in the aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident, as Zala'ess is tested for infection by the flower plague. Following a blood-test, Dia'heira confirms that Zala'ess has been infected. With only one viable portion of the cure available, she advises Zala'ess to delegate her duties until a cure can be produced. Zala'ess accepts this advice; authorizing her daughters to use force on her if necessary to preserve the alliance.

Notable Quotes

"Considering the effect of the spores on the mind, and your function as a leader, I would recommend delegating your tasks until an antidote can be delivered." -Regarding Zala'ess' infection with the Flower Plague.

Character Concept