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Die'tra Am'saag Sarghress

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Die'tra Am'saag is a Highland Raider and Am'saag mercenary.

Appearance and Personality

Die'tra is a tall and curvaceous drowolath female with fierce green eyes. She's Tue'geis' mate and is intensely devoted to him, fighting by his side whenever she can.

Much like other Am'saag Die'tra fights for the Sarghress for glory and wealth rather than any ideological sentiment. Die'tra is fond of drinking, fighting, and having sex with Tur'geis. She also is fond of her wolf mount Asena.

Biography - Arc II

Die'tra made her first appearance as a member of Tur'geis' Marauders squad escorting Ariel Val'Sarghress and her group to the colony at Ys. While at Ys Die'tra picked out a dress for her friend Riz'riia and enjoyed the evening with her mate Tur'geis. They were awakened next morning when Ys came under attack by Hermione raiders. After pursuing a saboteur, the Raiders came to the aid of Ariel, Faen'arae Val'Sullisin'rune, and Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn by helping defeat their Hermione attackers.

Morning after the fires

Die'tra eavesdrops on Ariel and Faen.

Ariel and Faen are together in their room. With the sounds Ariel was making, it sounded to Die'tra that the two were engaged in sexual activity, of which she was proud of, before Die'tra learned Faen was only combing Ariel's hair. Downstairs, after Ash'arion comments that Tur'geis would eat anything, Die'tra says that Tur'geis wouldn’t eat her vegetables. She tries to get Tur'geis to make something for her and succeeds when Nuru passes a knife to her. She happily greets Olarae when she and Syrak arrived at the Sarghress house. She expresses joy at the idea of the old group being together again.

Decisions made

After Tur'geis states in the meeting that he’s reporting back to Chel, Die'tra follows him, conscious of her pregnancy.

Leaving Ys

As Tur'geis, Die'tra, Olarae and Zan'nah head back to Chel, Die'tra tries to lift Tur'geis’ spirits by stating that Faen is with them.

Sarghress Civil War

Die'tra greets Ariel enthusiastically after their return from Felde.

Die'tra warmly greeted Ariel with a friendly bear hug after seeing her again once the Puppeteer Incident had passed. After questioning her on why she was dressed in her best armor, Ariel told her about her spar with Quain'tana. Die'tra urged Turgeis to apologize to Ariel, and the two shook hands, agreeing to put their past disagreements aside as they were both part of the same team.[1]

Die'tra adds her support to the fallen Quain'tana.

Later, after Quain'tana's failed healing session that led to the Ill'haress' rampage through the fortress, the clan appeared split between the val and anti-val factions. Die'tra was one of the supporters who challenged Suu'be when she attempted to finish off the fallen Quain'tana, telling the gathered Sarghress soldiers that they wouldn't last a week without her.[2]

Outside of Moonless Age

Die'tra first appeared in Relic Hunters as a weapons specialist Highland Raider in the Marauders' squad.

Notable Quotes

"I volunteer to capture it. Ku ku." - After seeing the Nidraa'chal airship on its way to Felde.

"Idiots with swords! You won't last a week without Quain'tana!" - Defending Quain'tana during the Sarghress anti-val mutiny.

Character Concept