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Discordia is a vel'akar possessed with a shard of the demon god Mal'kaisar'as. She is a key part of Sene'kha's plan to summon an ancient and powerful demon into this plane.

Appearance and Personality

Discordia has taken a form of a winged succubus-looking creature with bright orange hair. The more time she has spent in her host's body, the more demonic her appearance has become.

Her intelligence seems to be only slightly above that of a rabid animal. She is fixated on the hunting and fighting of strong prey, one object of her interest being the half dragon Rikshakar. This drive is insatiable, and anything else is of little to no importance to her.

Biography - Arc I

The Black Dragon Arena

For an indeterminate period of time, Discordia was kept as a gladiator to fight in the arena at the Black Dragon. She eventualy lost a fight to Rikshakar, who tore her to pieces as the arena summoner sent her back to the netherworld. Her stay there was only for a short time as it wasn't long before the demon was able to find a portal back and gained a new host. Now even stronger Discordia seeks a rematch against Rikshakar, and began relentlessly stalking him, waiting for the perfect time to attack.

Meanwhile, Sene'kha, a powerful nether summoner of the Vel'Vloz'ress clan, hatched a plan to lure an immensely powerful demon through a gate by dangling the last shard of his enemy, Mal'kaisar'as, in front of him. This shard was Discrodia. With the help of Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress, Sene'kha sent out multiple search parties to capture her alive.

Hunting for Prey

File:Discordia ArcII.jpeg
Discordia has been adapting her host's body for years while being held captive by a rough Vloz'ress faction.[1]

Discordia tailed Rikshakar after he was freed from the Black Dragon to work as a bodyguard to Ariel Val'Sarghress. Discordia caught up with Rik in a series of caves outside of Machike'shikumo, where they fought until they were interrupted by Umpus Vloz'ress, one of Sene'kha's agents. Rikshakar took advantage of the distraction to escape, which infuriated Discordia. When Umpus tried to reason with her, she gave chase to Rikshakar instead.

She followed Rikshakar's trail to the surface. She found him bloody and beaten in a cave high in the wastelands. She finished him off quickly, but was disappointed by the lack of strength he showed. In search of worthy prey, she stalked the overworld until the Vel'Vloz'ress hunting party caught up with her. They brought her back to the Vel'Vloz'ress fortress alive, despite the fact that Sene'kha had died along the way. Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress, who had taken over the clan in Sene'kha's absence, decided against moving forward on the demon-god plan and had offered a reward for the shard.

Instead, Sene'kha's group ferreted Discordia away to a set of ruins near the Vloz'ress fortress. Intent on summoning the old demon with or without Sene'kha, they set up camp with Discordia help captive.

Biography - Arc II

In the years that followed, Discordia was nourished but restrained by the Vloz'ress faction. Her captors are waiting for a chance to strike back at Kiel'ndia in order to put Discordia to use. They have brought her back to the Vloz'ress lands, taking advantage of Kiel's absence.

Notable Quotes

"My prey, my prize! The one who killed me, the one I shall devour! FIGHT ME!" -Discordia cornering Rik in the Machike'Shikumo caves.[2]