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The "Cauldron Guide Outpost" is a naturally fortified location whose name comes from its shape; a large bowl or cauldron-like cavern. Doebrimm'linthel has only two entrances, and both are gated with steel doors and heavily guarded. Far removed from other drow settlements, this outpost serves as a waystation for weary travelers to rest in peace, and a landmark on how far one has traveled. The walls of the cavern have many shops carved into it, including inns, restaurants, supply stores and warehouses. Due to its proximity to the remains of a dwarven city, it is not uncommon to see dwarves moving freely there, trading goods to passing drow.

Self-sufficient, Doebrimm'linthel is not under the control of any one Clan and, due to its location and layout, none have tried to invade or take control; it currently serves all Clans well to leave it as a neutral territory.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.