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Dra'jyal Kal'yantra

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Dra'jyal was one of Ariel's classmates in Orthorbbae. He now works for the Val'Sarghress as a combat engineer.

Appearance & Personality

Dra'jyal is a short drowolath male with tan hair and pale golden eyes. He wears his hair in a loose ponytail, bound with tight braids. As a child, he dressed in simple brown robes over a grey tunic. He was a meek and timid child, though quite curious and eager to learn.

Biography - Arc I

First Year at Orthorbbae

Dra'jyal discovers his affinity for the metal element.

Dra'jyal first appears as one of the students arriving to Orthorbbae during Ariel's first year at the school. He arrives later than the other children, exhausted and dirty, as the vehicle he was traveling in had broken down. Dude, a duergar engineer of the Kal'yantra clan, stayed behind to repair it.[1] He then enters with the rest of the class and listens as Kel'noz's instructs the class on the school's workings. Their first lesson is how to successfully power their keystones, a task that causes Dra'jyal to overexert his mana and pass out. After recovering, he nervously begins learning how to activate a floater, a task that nearly exhausts him yet again.[2]

The next day, the students attends a class on basic mana arts, under the instruction of Master Soleam'ji. He asks a question regarding the similarity of certain elements, prompting an approving lecture from the experienced teacher. Afterwards, the students are tested for their potential elemental affinities. Dra'jyal's is quickly discovered to have an affinity for the element of metal. The rest of the day's classes pass uneventfully.[3]

The third day's classes begin with their introduction to combat training, under Master Sandaur. Sandaur begins with a live demonstration against a captive orc, quickly bringing the creature down with a low blow to the groin. After further simple training exercises, the students are assigned to pair up for sparring, and Dra'jyal matches himself with Sorane. Their match concludes uneventfully, and a weary Dra'jyal departs for his quarters.[4]

Four Years Later

Dra'jyal and the other boys leave Ariel behind, hoping to rejoin the rest of their classmates.

During the graduation mock battle held between the boys' towers at the Othorbbae, the Davya tower team split up almost immediately, with Mir'kiin, Nau'kheol and Khal'harror heading in a different direction than the rest. Sorane unsuccessfully attempted to convince them that they were all one team, and Mirkiin stated that if he wanted to rejoin their team, he would have to leave the girl behind. Dra'jyal, Sorane, Yafein and Gailen quickly resolved to rejoin the others, abandoning Ariel.[5]

The battle went poorly for the boys overall, with each one being eliminated. Ironically, the last student standing from Davya was Ariel, who had been left to fight on her own.

Biography - Arc II

Main article: The District War
Dra'jyal and In'bel repair a golem under hostile conditions.

Battlefield Engineers

Dra'jyal was sent to support Commander Sang's Assault unit, repairing damaged combat golems. He showed himself to be an expert at restoring even the most damaged units to at least marginally functional capacity, earning him Sang's appreciation. He also showed tact, stopping his assistant In'bel from accidentally insulting the Sarghress commander.[6]

A short time later, Dra'jyal joined up with Yhine Veru'ur, a Sarghress Assault trooper, and the pair rode in Dra'jyal's golem transport alongside the rest of the Assault force as they moved deeper into Vel'Sharen territory. As they traveled, Dra'jyal displayed disgust for the nearby desperate "platoon followers," indicating that there was a poor selection for wartime due to lack of hygiene. He and Yhine discussed their backgrounds, with Yhine commenting that his mother brewed mushroom beer while Dra'jyal admitted that his parents were dead and the clan was his family now, with the Sarghress as an extended family of sorts.[7]

During their trip, the unit is ambushed by a Siya'khorshed sapper team, who targeted some of the newly-repaired golems.[8] Yhine helped Dra'jyal up while the rest of the Sarghress took up arms, and the engineer immediately asked about the status of the large war golem that they had been escorting. While the golem hadn't been outright destroyed, its pilot had been killed during the initial blast.[9]

Realizing that there would be nowhere for he and In'bel to run if they didn't help their comrades, Dra'jyal convinced Yhine to help him remove the pilot, taking control of the war-golem himself. Using the golem as a makeshift ram, he hammered the building hiding the BSiya'khorshed, forcing them out into the open and using up their last cannon ball. After the Sarghress moved in to support him, Yhine again intervened, pulling Dra'jyal out of a shocked trance and telling him that he was needed elsewhere on the battlefield. The war-golem was found to be defunct, unfortunately, as they heard a call that one of the unit commanders, Commander Kerata, had been pinned underneath another downed golems. Dra'jyal quickly took a look at the scene, determining that shrapnel along with the cannon ball had caused further damage to the golem, keeping them from being able to move it off of the commander.[10]

Dra'jyal quickly formed a plan to try to free Commander Kerata by using the legs of the golem as levers to lift the torso up. Yhine and In'bel joined in the attempt, but the other squad members were kept occupied by fighting off the encroaching Siya'khorshed. Their efforts appeared to lead nowhere, until Commander Sang picked up another piece of the golem and joined them, using the increased strength from her golem prosthetics to assist them with rescuing her second-in-command. [11]

Once the Siya'korshed had been routed, the Assault unit stopped to rest and determine the next course of action. As they discussed how to deal with the realization that they were in the middle of Vel'Sharen territory with no support, In'bel returned from the battlefield, reporting that two of the golem cores had been damaged beyond repair, and the remaining golem in need of new metal to repair its legs, or it would collapse.[12] Another problem discovered was that the unit's rations had been destroyed in the blast by the enemy cannons, leaving barely enough food to last the day.[13]

Dra'jyal receives unexpected assistance from Cer'kal.

A solution was presented by Yhine after each option was rejected due to their location or the fact that the troops were exhausted - send a message with a commoner, in exchange for ada. When it was argued that a commoner might not be trustworthy enough and sending a soldier would be too obvious, it was then suggested to send Dra'jyal, as he would be able to blend in with the commoners better.[14] Yhine was able to provide clothing, which Dra'jyal complained smelled like spoiled mushrooms and dragon dung, along with a route that he knew was relatively safe through the nearby commoner housing area.[15]

Dra'jyal's trip was somewhat uneventful, until he was confronted by Vel'Sharen guards due to being out past curfew. He was saved, however, by the appearance of a young drow woman who convinced the guards that Dra'jyal was her older brother who had taken one too many blows to the head, courtesy of his father.[16] After admonishing him for stealing their mother's basket and clothes, she was able to drag him away from the guard post without further incident, and assisted him with finding a new path through the back streets.

The young drow revealed herself to be Cer'kal Veru'ur, Yhine's younger sister, who had been tailing the Sarghress Assault unit in an effort to assist her brother in any way that she could. She had overheard their plans, and decided to assist Dra'jyal with his mission. Deciding that he had no choice but to trust her, he continued to follow her through the back streets. During their walk, he noted the scars covering half of her face, and inquired as to how she had gotten them.[17] Cer'kal merely commented that she had gotten them in an accident, and refused to say anything more on the matter. Dra'jyal told her that she could always get a prosthetic eye, to which she declined, saying that it was a good reminder to be careful when working with bombs.[18] As they approached the location of Commander Koil'Dorath's unit, Cer'kal vanished, leaving Dra'jyal to deliver the request for assistance.

Dra'jyal and In'bel return to their engineer duties.

After returning to Commander Sang's unit with Commander Koil'Dorath and her troops in tow, Dra'jyal located Yhine again, and advised him that he was being followed by his sister. Yhine expressed disgust, to Dra'jyal's surprise; the trooper then explained that his contempt was for his sister's friend Taio'shi and her "mother," who Cer'kal had called "Mikilu." The mysterious Mikilu had been using Cer'kal as her errand girl since she was a child, and he felt that if it hadn't been for her, Cer'kal might still have her left eye. He lamented that his sister didn't know the danger that she was in, and that he had joined the Sarghress to avoid getting caught up in her shadow games.[19]

As the reunited commanders began to plot their next assault on the nearby Vel'Sharen supply depots, Dra'jyal and In'bel returned to working on the war-golem, ready to take on the next challenge.

Notable Quotes

"Master Soleam, isn't water and ice the same element, as is light and darkness?"[20] - Expressing a thoughtful curiosity as a student.

"There is no place in the underworld that war doesn't touch! You can't run from this war, In'bel The Illhar knows that. The Kal'yantra simply can't sit around and [i]not[/i] pick a side. The Vel'Sharen would slaughter us either way. At least the Sarghress welcome our help with an open hand." - To In'bel Kal'yantra, after repairing another downed combat golem.