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The duty of the Dusk clan of Nuqrah'shareh is singular and simple: to guard against nether forces. This commitment of theirs takes overbearing precedence over all else. Duskians are famously neutral in regard to outside matters; politics do not concern them, race is unimportant, alliances and clans rise and fall to their indifference. But should the risk of demonic threats so much as appear as a blip on their radars they will respond with zealous ardor.


The Duskians: Impartial Guardians.

The history of the Duskians can be traced back to the very beginning of the Moonless age and the emergence of the drowussu race. The horrors of the Great Wars above were still fresh in the minds of their parents, and many of their offspring were quick to take up arm for the sole purpose of protecting their new underworld homes from suffering the same fate. For centuries these crusaders against the taint accompanied travelers for their protection before settling in Nuqrah'shareh and adopting the Dusk name.

Unfortunately the early Dusk clan found itself the quick target of the typical racism levied towards the drowussu minority in a rather vicious fashion. Their numbers dwindled quickly as individuals fell prey to the dangers of underworld life both natural and at the hands of their neighbors. To keep their tradition alive they took to adopting drowolath orphans into their ranks, raising them under their now nearly-religious philosophy and providing safe diversity for the clan.

For centuries the Dusk have kept the city of Nuqrah'shareh secure from nether threats, garnering notoriety for their diligence. Their numbers have risen to new heights with the recent revival of the demonic arts in other cities with more and more families donating their children in support of what some see as an imminent migration of a similar disaster to that of a millennium past to their own doorsteps.

Notable Event: Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

The Dusk clan kept a neutral stance during the civil war, but kept a wary eye on the Vel'Sharen. They only participated when demons were concerned. When news broke of nether gates being opened in the city, the Duskians moved in to quickly close them.

Culture and Politics

The Duskians are sometimes referred to as the Kyorl’solenurns of Nuqrah'shareh, a very apt comparison. Both clans hold an adamant opposition to nether forces as a core tenet of a religious system, and it can be argued that both stem from a common ancestry (though such is merely conjecture as it has yet to be proven.) The two clans have several key differences however that set them apart. Compared to the Val'Kyorl'solenurn, the Dusk clan adheres much more closely to its core creed. Their duty is to guard their city from a specific threat and they dabble little in other affairs.

Unlike most clans of the underworld the Dusk is racially blind. They trace their roots to a drowussu foundation yet adopt primarily drowolath children into their ranks, making them uniquely diverse. And though little light has been shed upon their religion it is clearly very different from that of their Kyorl’solenurn contemporaries, possibly more alike to a living philosophy than any form of spirituality. No form of prayer or preaching has yet to be seen by any members of the clan, and it is unclear whether or not Sharess plays any part in their belief system whatsoever.

Quite possibly the most important factor in keeping the Dusk alive for so long has been their political agenda, or more accurately a lack thereof. Much like in many other matters outside of their specialty the clan has no active hand in politics, remaining expressly neutral. Even with a civil war raging within the city they stay staunchly uninvolved, yet the presence of tainted Vel'Sharen keeps them weary and watchful.

Clan Fortress and Properties

The Duskians are stationed out of the Dusk tower in Nuqrah'shareh, the fortress from which their name is derived. The city as a whole is their patrol ground yet their specialized nature of combating demonic forces keeps them from stepping on the toes of other clans.

Clan Members

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A Duskian escort that accompanies Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen during her time in Nuqrah'shareh.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 35.