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Eclavdiira'olin Kyorl'solenurn

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A warden who's passionate about her service to Shimi'lande.

Appearance and Personality

Eclavdiira is a solidly build drowussu with blue eyes and pale braided orange hair. She wears heavy armor over a long blue gown, with a matching blue cloak. Eclavdiira'olin is hotheaded and expresses open dislike of Chirinide--she believes that she can do much better to serve Shmi'lande than anyone else. She is also quite devout in her faith and extremely stubborn.

Biography - Arc II

She iwas witnessed by Chirinide and Shan'naal talking with Lythn and Kale'shido about the Sarghress attack on the Kyorl-held Val'Dutan'vir district. Eclavdiira'olin declares that the Sarghress has gone too bold and expresses her disgust with their actions. When Chirinide asks them about the Sarghress attack, Eclavdiira'olin tells her to get lost (and subsequently burns herself when Chirinide boils her drink) but Lythn and Kale'shido answer her inquiries. She is next seen at the announcement of Shimi'lande's death wear she wears a hard expression. At the funeral, she is seen weeping for the loss of Shimi'lande. Afterwards, she and Mal drag Cas'nilhus to be tortured by Rafal'za.

Change of Leadership

She is next seen among the many who flock to see Anahid. When Anahid espouses forgiveness of the tainted, she reacts contempt and fury and moves to arrest the aspiring Holy Mother. However, Anahid soon demonstrates her powers by revealing the sins of her detractors. As many around her stand down, Eclavdiira charges and attempts to kill Anahid on the spot, but is stopped by Kahru and Chiri. When is is clear she will not yield, Chiri attacks her with an intense blast of fire sorcery, driving the stout warden from the building. Though badly burned, she survives.

Biography - Arc III

Eclavdiira'olin had relocated to the Shikomei colony three years after Anahid's induction, but is still unhappy with the sudden changes. She sees Tir'ade and other tainted who have come back to the clan as a threat to society, wishing to put them out of their misery.[1]

Notable Quotes

"To think I used to believe we should fight this war together. If the Sarghress want to fight us, they'll taste bitter defeat!" - After hearing the news of the Sarghress attack

"You're too weak to lead anyone!" - While attempting to kill Anahid.

Character Concept