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El'ysia Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                           42       49          

A warden who escorts Valla'drielle to the confirmation ceremony.

Appearance and Personality

El'ysia is a drowussu with orange hair and long blond hair drawn into a long braid. Her weapons of choice are two sabers worn on a sword belt at the hips. She is a very loyal individual and eager to please, but also has a somewhat mischievous side.


Schism Arc

Along with Woas'ned, El'ysia has the honours of escorting Valla'drielle Val'Kyorl'solenurn to her confirmation ceremony to become the 11th Ill'haress of the clan. She is excited to be at the former headmistress' side, asking the woman if she remembered El'ysia as a student. Later, the warden is seen escorting the tainted Petri'cho out of the Kyorl districts, apologizing in the process.

Holy Mother Arc

She is next seen personally guarding Valla'drielle during a meeting with Snadhya'rune, as Chiri is summoned before the Holy Mother. Chiri is aghast as the presence of a tainted, but is told that she is a guest of Vala'drielle.

Later, after surviving an assassination attempt by Yuh'le, Chiri and the other seers stage a peaceful rebellion, and they demand the abdication of Valla'drielle. El'ysia argues strongly in the defense of her Holy Mother, including recounting the story of her wounding during the Puppeteer Incident. However, the appearance of Anahid's crowd of supporters outside the temple and Kousei's personal arrival convinces Valla'drielle that she is incapable of holding onto the position any longer. Rather than plunge the clan into civil war, she relents and abdicates her position.

Notable Quotes

"It is an honor to be your escort. I was one of your students. Do you remember me?" - speaking to Valla'drielle.

Character Concept