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Erelice Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                              45* 46    50         

Erelice was assigned to be the squad leader of the squad investigating Wafay’s allegations.

Appearance and Personality

Erelice's mostly white hair is tied into a short ponytail and is partly dyed red. In addition to her armor, she also wears blue clothes and a cape.


Meeting Wafay

Erelice introduces Wafay Val'Jaal'darya to her squad.

Erelice and Filf'rae first meet Wafay by saving her from the Sarghress clan members who were harassing her and takes her to meet the squad. When Briz'dra comments that Suu’be wouldn’t waste troops on the mission, Erelice interrupts her and tactfully states that they couldn’t spare more troops due to the war effort.

Infiltrating the Jaal'darya Fortress

On the way to Wafay’s home, Erelice explains that the squad is equipped to deal with a range of scenarios but does ask for and receive more information on the flower. When Jaal'darya golems make themselves known, Erelice concedes to their demands to have Wafay back but after they left, she tells her squadmates the mission continues as planned. The squad secures a couple of boats with Erelice’s haggling skills to cross the lake separating them from the Jaal'darya fortress. While crossing the lake, they are attacked by the Jaal’s golems. Erelice tells Brizdra and Vayas'arn to drive them the golems back. The squad successfully crosses the lake where they are greeted by the Jaal'darya clan members.

The Jaals ask the Sarghress squad to explain themselves. Erelice, who is surprised to see a male member of the Jaal'darya but keeps it to herself answers that Wafay invited them. Erelice explains that they have information that may be worthy of the Jaal Ill'haress' ears and would like to speak with the ambassador the Jaals have for the Sarghress, if not Asira herself. The Jaals decide to let them stay as they arrange an audience with Asira'malika. Erelice tells Filf'rae the Jaals fortress isn’t quite what she expected to which Filf'rae answers no one could have upon seeing what life within the Jaal'darya clan is really like.

Several hours later, the squad is still waiting for somebody to see them. Brizdra, upon Sabryne’s message, uses a spellsong to put everyone to sleep then helps her squadmates wake up. Brizdra tells Erelice that they have a lead and Sabryne has a map courtesy of Wafay. The squad then follow the map. They reach a room and Erelice tells Vayas'arn and Brizdra to stand guard while Filf'rae and Sabryne goes in with her. They are shocked by what they see. The flowers causing two bodies to rot inside out and a map apparently showing the flowers have been sent to various locations. A golem attacks them but the three defeat it. Unfortunately, the Jaals catch them.

Later, during a hearing with a council of Jaal representatives, the Jaal'darya demand that the squad explains their actions. Erelice took the lead and explains Wafay’s concerns about a Nidraa'chal conspiracy within the clan and the squad has found that Femi has indeed created a flower similar to what Wafay describe. This troubles the Jaals who admit that while Femi has the right to develop such a weapon, they have had traitors before. They then allow the Sarghress to leave. Filf'rae and Brizdra asks Erelice why she didn’t mention the map or the encoded journal. She answers that the Jaals would figure it out anyway and they might never have let them leave. The squad leaves Jaal territory and proceed to report back to Quain'tana, ignoring the Jaal'darya request to stay out of clan politics.

Defense of Felde

Erelice is forced to watch as her squad is executed by Snadya'runes stolen airship.

Erelice an the rest of her squad are then ordered to infiltrate Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen's stronghold, seeing to it that they secure samples of the Jaal'darya concoction for the clan rather than for the sake of the Jaals themselves. The job is botched when security forces are alerted to their presence, and Femi is assassinated in the process. Order is quickly restored and Snadhya'rune plans a spectacular show for the Feldian party guests that Erelice is forced to watch--in the form of an execution of the Sarghress squad by mana cannons, provided by the stolen Illhar'dro ship. Snadhya'rune grills Erelice about the purpose of their infiltration and the reason for slaying her scientist, but Erelice remains silent. Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress is also in the room, demanding that the Sarghress squad be wiped out completely. However, empathic nudging from Sae'rali and her sisters causes Erelice to bend just a little, hoping that Snadhya would spare her squad in exchange for information, but the Vel'Sharen squashes that hope by ordering a second blast. Only Vayas'arn survives the execution, giving the shaken Erelice some solace.

They are thrown in prison, but are soon discovered by two Vloz'ress intruders. Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress stumbles on the two while trying to break out An'jin Jie'yen, and makes a deal with Erelice to free them in exchange for creating the best damn distraction of their lives. This turns out that Erelice made her way through the tower during the Mimian invasion to jam a knife into Snadhya'rune's back, during a fight with Mikilu.

Erelice attempts to save Riz'riia from being devoured by Khaless by drawing her attention.

After receiving a wound that actually drew blood, Snadhya'rune flew into a rage, summoning multiple guardians and literally crushing her remaining enemies. Erelice was wounded in the process, and unable to escape. Upon seeing Khaless leave Lulianne's body and head towards Riz'riia, who had also been captured by Snadhya's soldiers, she began to insult the demon in an attempt to distract her from her target.[1] Khaless consumed Erelice, taking her form and infiltrating the Val'Sarghress clan.

Notable Quotes

"What… is this? It looks like the bodies rotted from the inside out." Seeing the effect of the flowers.

"Hey demon bitch. DEMON BITCH! I'm talking to you. You want a body!? Well FUCK YOU! We're Sarghress! We crush demons like you for breakfast! We'll have you locked up inside a stone for a thousand years. How'd you like that, you sick fuck, you pet of a mad woman! Go ahead. Do your worst. There's nothing you can do to hurt me anymore." - To Khaless, attempting to draw her attention away from Riz'riia.

Character Concept