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Esuni is a small Emberi baby and Vaelia's daughter.

Appearance & Personality

Esuni is a small Emberi girl with brown eyes. She wears red clothes and a brown hat. She is in all respects a normal baby, not yet having developed a distinct personality.

Biography - Arc II

Esuni first appeared as a young baby, riding in a baby-sling on her mother's back. As Vaelia called Kenro over to pray to the ancestors, Esuni grabbed her brother's hair, inadvertently pulling some of it out. However, before they could return to their home, one of Vaelia's fellow Highland Raiders, Ilmssyn, arrived with orders for Vaelia to deploy to a mission to Dariya'ko.

With duty calling, Vaelia left her two children in the care of their neighbor, Nihemo. After reassuring Esuni by stroking the child's cheek, Vaelia instructed Kenro to leave with his sister on the next caravan to Haltonreibe and find their father, should she not return by the next moon. Fortunately, Vaelia returned from her mission unharmed and the baby was reunited with her family.[1]

Notable Quotes

"Eee!"[2] - Innocently pulling on her brother's hair.

Character Concept