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Felis'nuul Jaal'darya

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Felis'nuul was a Jaal'darya agent modified with rabbit features. She was slain by Chrys'tel during the course of the Coalition assault of the Council Dome.

Appearance & Personality

Felis'nuul was a short female drowolath with a wiry build and tainted eyes. She had been heavily modified with rabbit-like features through Jaal'darya science. She had long white hair and an extra set of large floppy ears. She wore a khaki tunic and dark stockings, eschewing shoes in favour of her rabbit-like paws. When equipped for combat, she favoured a tachi paired with an arm-length gauntlet on her off-hand.

She was somewhat emotionally volatile, having a love/hate relationship with Dia'heira and prone to outbursts. Ruthlessly pragmatic and harboring a noted bloodthirsty streak, she saw little value in honour as compared to results. She was also extremely open with her opinions and made little to no effort to soften her criticism.

Biography - Arc II

Felis'nuul first appeared in the aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident, as Zala'ess was tested for infection by the flower plague.[1] Following a positive result, Chrys'tel desperately asked for confirmation, drawing the ire of Felis'nuul, who impatiently noted the question to have already been answered. With only one viable sample of the cure available, Zala'ess took the advice of Dia'heira to delegate her duties until a cure could be reproduced, authorizing her daughters to use force on her if necessary to preserve the alliance.

Biography - Arc III

Felis'nuul intercepts a crossbow bolt meant for Bae'rali.[2]

Aboard the Airship

Three years later, having risen in the hierarchy of the Nidraa'chal, Felis'nuul was seen assigned to the Airship as it set out to compel Machike to yield to Felde's authority. With negotiations soundly rejected, she helped man the vessels mana cannons as they lowered into the mist sea in pursuit of the colonists.[3] Following several inconclusive skirmishes and needing to enact repairs, the airship docked in the town of Sha'shi. Unbeknownst the crew, the Wolfpack under Ariel had already entered the town, and remained hidden long enough to stage an assault to board the grounded aircraft. Felis'nuul took to the deck to repel the boarders, providing escort for Bae'rali.[4] Her quick reactions managed save the empath's life, narrowly intercepting a crossbow bolt fired by one of the boarders.

Unfortunately for the Nidraa'chal, a combination of accumulated damage and disastrous cannon malfunction crippled the vessel and led to it crash-landing in the outskirts of the town. Facing superior numbers, a wounded Felis'nuul fled with most of the surviving crew aboard floaters, while Salbara made a doomed and futile last stand.[5]

Coalition Assault

Successive events did not improve matters for the Nidraa'chal, and it was not long before a coalition force marched upon the Council Dome itself to remove Snadhya'rune from power, once and for all. One of the few remaining senior agents left among Shadhya'rune's crumbling forces, Felis'nuul was present as the once-mighty Sharen matriarch suffered a mental breakdown from her recent string of losses.[6] As her fellow Jaal'darya debated the merits of forcing Snadhya'rune into a new host body, Jiaan urged the group to begin preparations while he organized final defenses to buy time.

Working from within a lab meant for the growth of bodies for the Immortals, Felis'nuul and Siashodra worked quickly to prepare the process. However, their work remained unfinished when the first of the attackers breached the lab. Fleeing Jaharka and stumbling into the lab by chance, Chrys'tel began damaging equipment in a a desperate bid for time.[7] Injured as she was, Chrys'tel was quickly subdued by the pair. As Jaharka arrived, cruelly stabbing Chrys'tel in the arm, she remarked on the convenience of Chrys'tel's presence in the lab, implying sinister plans for the wayward Captain. Unfortunately for the trio, any further schemes were interrupted by the arrival of Al'tesh, whose sudden appearance forced them to divert their attention from their captive.[8] While the lone guard was swiftly overwhelmed, the diversion gave Chrys'tel enough time to use her sorcery in attempt to cripple the attackers. Unexpectedly, the sorcery had a powerful catalytic reaction with the blood-substitute in the vats nearby, leading to a massive explosion, killing Al'tesh and Felis'nuul outright while severely maiming Siashodra and Jaharka.[9]

Notable Quotes

"Use your tiny ears, she said so already!"[10] -Bluntly affirming Zala'ess' positive test for early-stage Flower infection, while also flaunting her enhanced hearing.

Character Concept