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Gau'hara Val'Jaal'darya

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Appeared in chapters                                                     52       

Gau'hara is an independent researcher living in Shashi.

Appearance & Personality

Gau'hara is a tall female drowolath with silver eyes. She dyes her hair purple and styles it into a long thick ponytail. As with many of the Jaal'darya clan, she has extensive body modifications, adding two additional arms that allow her to work with greater efficiency on delicate mechanical components. She is a rather severe and pragmatic individual, and has a begrudging tolerance of her more enthusiastic coworker. She prioritizes her work above politics, avoiding such where possible. She wears a fine red sari with gold trim, as well as plain white pants.

Biography - Arc III

Gau'hara first appears in Shashi, as Vual'raisa leads Kau into their golem workshop as she is fabricating a component for a prototype golem capable of limited flight. Though Vual'raisa cheerfully informs Kau of the golem's capabilities, Gau'hara is quick to assert that it is merely a prototype; and a dangerous one at that, rapidly draining a drow of their mana.

Notable Quotes

"How many times must I tell you, Vual. It allows sustained jumps, not flying!"[1] - Irritably correcting Vual'raisa's overenthusiastic description of a prototype golem.

Character Concept