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Grea'spa Dutan'vir

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Appeared in chapters                                             44               

Grea'spa is a lobbyist who identifies himself as a Dutan'vir.

Appearance and Personality

Grea'spa has short white hair and wears a black and yellow cloak over his clothes. He also enjoys intellectual games.


Felde peace conference

When Kharla was gorging food at the buffet, he tries talking to her but she activates her high sorcery and Grea'spa witnesses her using it on Jethel. He and a Feldian guard also feel the effects of Kharla's power before Larvova Vloz'ress and Khaless stops her. Grea'spa has no permanent damage though he does end up with a headache and a pain in his neck. During Snadyarune's speech, he witnesses Snad choose Chrys'tel as part of her demonstration. After Snad explains the poison, he stated why the Dutan'vir sent a delegation to Felde before Snad shocks him and Kale'shido by swallowing the poison. When Shodun Val'Illhar'dro gave the command, he kneeled.

Notable Quotes

"Lady Val Snadya’rune, my delegation came to ensure the Dutan’vir position be recognized."

Character Concept