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Hel (Location)

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Redirect arrow.pngThis page is about the location known as Hel. For the story page, see Main Page - Hel.

Hel is an enormous cavern located beneath the angelic floating islands, so heavily permeated with nether energy that those who reside within have fully adapted to the corruption.


At its vast opening at the surface, Hel lies in the ominous shadow of the angelic islands floating above. The bottom portions of these isles are known as the Underbelly, and are all most denizens of Hel know of their foes' homeland. Along the ground, Hel is bordered on all sides by the inhospitable Glasslands, so named as a result of Angelic weaponry scorching with such intense heat that the very rock itself has fused into glass. With such unforgiving features above, most denizens of Hel reside below. Hel itself is cavern of a scale nearly beyond comparison, comprised of multiple distinct rings that have - through processes natural or otherwise - taken on distinct features that readily distinguish them from layers above or below. As one delves deeper into the depths of Hel, so too do they delve deeper into the corruption at its heart.


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