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Himani'khuni Val'Balvhakara

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Appeared in chapters                                                         56   

Himani'khuni is a Balvhakara golem engineer and an older daughter of Illhar Agneya'mukhi.

Appearance & Personality

Himani'khuni is a tall and lightly-built female drowolath with blue eyes. She has black hair worn as a hime cut drawn into a long ponytail. Her forehead is adorned with bright blue gem matching her eye colour, and she wears an ornately decorated set of personal golem armor. She is a strict and professional woman, holding those around her to high standards. Despite her frustrations with younger generations, she is responsible for training many of the younger members of the clan.

Biography- Arc III

By authorization of the Imperial family, the Kyorl'solenurn conducted a targeted demon purge in many of the southern districts[1], and this had caused a great rift in relationships between the Chelian and the Nuqrahn clans over the swift, brutal execution being carried out. Emissary Yakuise argued her clan's case in Zala'ess' court, advising that there may be a nether gate still yet hidden in the city. Himani'khuni and Vaas'tile along with the Beldrobbaen representative Melas'ryon, stood staunchly against the request. Zala'ess agreed, citing that uncontrolled purging would frighten the populace--however, the Empress also agreed that purges should continue, albeit under tight supervision. The Balvhakara daughter also had doubts about the stability of the Nal'sarkoth, who had been suffering from lack of leadership.

Notable Quotes

"We've bowed to savages for far too long. They risk the safety of our cities!"[2] - referring to the Sarghress clan's rogue actions against the Alliance.

Character Concept