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Jak'sura Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                     36                       

Jak'sura is a Sarghress guard that was stationed at the Sullisin'rune dome alongside Slyand'iss, shortly before the hunger riots began.

Appearance & Personality

Jak'sura is a male drowolath with green eyes and a wiry build. He has long hair styled into a braided side-plait dyed with red and green stripes. In addition to fairly standard armor, he wears a heavy cloak for added warmth. His preferred weapon is a bastard sword.

He has a strong sense of duty and professionalism, though he pairs this with an easygoing and relaxed demeanor that makes him readily approachable. However, his patience has its limits, and he does not hesitate to express his disapproval of those he finds obstructive or callous.

Sar'nel offers Jak'sura his squad's assistance.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Jak'sura first appeared as Ariel and her fellow squadmates traveled to the Sullisin'rune dome as part of their assigned patrol. As the group encountered Jak'sura at one of the dome's gates, Sar'nel explained the squad's assignment and offered to provide assistance. Though grateful for the offer, Jak'sura pointedly glanced at his Sullisin'rune partner, irritably noting their only current problem to be a delay in expected supplies from the local administrator. Exasperated, Slyand'iss insisted the matter was out of his hands, though he did allow Sar'nel and his squad access to the dome so they could attempt to resolve the matter on Jak'sura's behalf.

Notable Quotes

"`Sposed to get a load of supplies from the Suls, but nothing showed up! The admin's a real bitch."[1] -Irritably explaining the cause of his current supply problem to Sar'nel.

Character Concept

Outside of Moonless Age

Though not part of recognized Moonless Age canon, Jak'sura first appeared in Relic Hunters as a Highland Raider in the Akapasu squad.

Additionally, Jak'sura appeared as a player character in Path to Power, and more information can be found in the [Path to Power wiki].