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Jhane Jie'yen

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Jhane is a very taciturn Jie'yen warrior-monk and diplomat serving in the Sharen Alliance.

Appearance & Personality

Jhane is a lean male drowolath of wiry build with perpetually-squinted eyes. His head is clean-shaven he bears brown facial tattoos, as befitting Jie'yen tradition. He wears a plain brown robe over a khaki tunic and pants. He wields no weapon, instead utilizing the traditional martial arts of his clan.

He is a relaxed and cheerful individual, nearly always sporting a large grin. Though he remains serene and composed under most circumstances, he is quite easily flustered around the women of the Balvhakara and Beldrobbaen clans, whom he has a pronounced fetish for. He has taken a vow of silence and speaks only as required by diplomatic duties, but compensates for this with gestures and expressions.

Biography - Arc II

Puppeteer Incident

Jhane first appeared during the Puppeteer Incident orchestrated by Ni'bai, having lost control of his body to Kharla'ggen.[1] As Zala'ess attempted to escape her attackers with Suna, she spotted Jhane among the crowd. Recognizing his Jie'yen attire, she attempted to call for his aid, but Kharla'ggen's control compelled him to join in the attack. He delivered a vicious roundhouse kick to the Sharen leader, knocking her to the ground and causing her to drop her daughter.[2] As Jhane and the surrounding crowd began battering Zala'ess, Shinae arrived, grabbing hold of Zala'ess and stabbing her in the abdomen with a large knife. Uninjured due to having faked her pregnancy with a large pillow, Zala'ess was ultimately able to escape by using powerful foci to force her attackers back.[3]

Eventually, as Kharla'ggen came under attack within the Vloz'ress Fortress, her control over the populace was broken. Disoriented and somewhat battered in the chaos, Jhane was helped to his feet by a fellow Jie'yen.[4]

End of The District War

Following Kharla's death and the defeat of the Demon God, Jhane was among those able to witness as Zala'ess and Quain'tana forged an informal truce between the Sharen and Sarghress alliances. However, further discussion was interrupted as Sarv'swati arrived to challenge Quain'tana to an honour duel. Not wanting to risk the newfound peace, Zala'ess ordered her forces to apprehend her sister. He moved with Gen'inidia to subdue the rogue Sharen, but was intercepted by Nir'naya, who insisted the two males not involve themselves in an honour battle between women.[5] Ultimately, Quain'tana accepted the duel, eventually cutting Sarv'swati down in single combat and putting a temporary end to hostilities.

A Fragile Alliance

Six days later, Quain'tana called a gathering of the clans to solidify the formation of new governing body incorporating all the major clans of Chel'el'Sussoloth.[6] Jhane was present as the representative of his clan, though in a limited capacity as the Jie'yen were intent on taking no position other than support of Zala'ess. While negotiations began well, Zala'ess' was unable to resist her growing madness as her infection progressed, leaving Jhane to witness the proposed treaty fall apart without her input.[7]

While Zala'ess was treated with the only known remaining sample of an antidote, curing the infection within a week, Quain'tana herself has been slain in the course of an internal power struggle within the Sarghress. Though Jie'yen requested an immediate audience with the newly-recovered Empress on behalf of his clan, he was bluntly rebuffed by Wi'am, who was serving as Zala'ess' physician.[8] Unbeknownst to Jhane, Wi'am had become a loyal agent of Snadhya'rune, discreetly leading Zala'ess and her solitary escort to a meeting site surrounded by minions loyal to the insidious ruler of Felde.

In the coming days, while Zala'ess struggled to recover control of events and resist Snadhya'rune's heavy-handed influence, Jhane remained in the area to fulfill his diplomatic duties.[9]

Biography - Arc III

Jhane acted as a voice for his clan, while convening with Empress Zala'ess to discuss the Jie'yen's plans to exit the war effort. He expressed that the clan has left Nuqrah'shareh unattended for too long and insisted on returning. Zala'ess expressed regret and wished that the clan would give Chel a second chance.

Notable Quotes

"The Jie'yen sent me as an ear, only. We delegate all decisions to Zala'ess."[10] - In a rare moment of speech, on behalf of his clan.

Character Concept