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Jhin'elam Val'Illhar'dro

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Appeared in chapters   2                                                         

Jhin'elam is the headmaster of Dravyd, the eighth tower of Orthorbbae.

Appearance & Personality

Jhin'elam is an easygoing drowolath with blue eyes and pale blue hair. He wears a white fur headband and has his hair bound into a loose ponytail. He is a relaxed and carefree individual, generally seen grinning and willing to approve of a risky plan out of simple curiosity. He dresses in blue robes with white fur trim.


He first appeared during the meeting of the male headmasters of Orthorbbae, where Kel'noz revealed Ariel's true gender and his desire to have her nature hidden from those outside of the tower's walls. As Kel'noz explained that Ariel's classmate Sorane had alleviated suspicion as to her gender, Jhin'elam bemusedly noted the insinuation that his grandnephew is feminine. As the matter was put to the vote, Jhin'elam voted in favour, considering the entire situation to be quite interesting. Ultimately, the vote passed and Ariel was allowed to remain in the male section of the school.

Notable Quotes

"This should be interesting to see."[1] - Voting in favour of allowing Ariel to remain in the Davya tower.

Character Concept