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Kadara Val'Sharen

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Kadara is a Val'Sharen of Sil'lice's line. She works alongside her mother with the Val'Sarghress clan. She loathes the Nidraa'chal and the Vel'Sharen, and has no patience for excuses from them.

Appearance and Personality

Kadara has a cold and harsh "shoot first, ask questions later" temperament. She is crass, determined, and intolerant of Nidraa'chal or Vel'Sharen bullshit. She respects her mother's authority and will always do as Sil'lice commands, but if it were up to her the remaining Val'Sharen would have broken free from the Sarghress with pride years ago.

Kadara has curly white hair pulled back in a braid with a single blue streak running through her spiky bangs. She has two blue angled swoops tattooed on her left cheek.

Biography - Arc I

Nidraa'chal War

Kadara fought alongside her family during the Nidraa'chal uprising. She lost many of her loved ones during the ensuing battles, including her child. She grew hard against the Vel'Sharen traitors after seeing the horrors of the war.

In the Sarghress Fortress

Kadara was one of many that followed Sil'lice to the Val'Sarghress clan. Though she could not care less about Quain'tana or the Sarghress around her, she valued her mother's orders to stay hidden there.

When Vy'chriel and Yaeminira challenged Sil'lice during Zala'ess' attack, Kadara spat insults at the Vel'Sharen from the sidelines. She attacked the golem Yaeminira during the fight, but Sil'lice prevented her from killing it.

Years later, Chrys'tel, Nau'kheol and Diva broke into Sil'lice's tower to speak with her peacefully. Kadara was the one in charge when they arrived, and after recognizing them to be Vel'Sharen she ambushed them with a crossbow. She shot Nau'kheol in the foot and crammed both children into a pair of iron maidens to await Sil'lice's return.

Diva was only spared because she claimed to be loyal to Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen. Kadara had Diva give her a long foot massage while she told her story, and bossed the girl around like her own servant until Sil'lice came back. All three survived the ordeal, but when Nau was sent home bandaged and limping, Chrys'tel yelled at Kadara for her rudeness. Kadara defended herself angrily, saying that after what she'd lost in the Nidraa'caal war, Chrys would be naive to think that such things as honor still existed.

Biography - Arc II

Kadara plays a supportive role in Sillice's endeavor to win the Mimaneid clans to their cause. In the Kavahini fortress, Kadara picks a fight with a mimian warrior after the woman defeats Chess'riia Vel'Sharen in a duel.[1]

After returning to Chel, Kadara is next tasked with assisting Sillice and the Sarghress forces in routing Snadhya'rune's tower. The forces are overwhelmed by Nidra'chaal trickery, but Kadara does her part by disabling Nehleanee Vel'Sharen's nether summoning. [2] Kadara herself is knocked out of the fight--Sillice later comes to the woman's aid with extreme worry for her daughter's safety, but Kadara reminds the Third Daughter that she is made of tougher stuff. Those words will come to aid Sillice later, when Kadara tries desperately to urge her mother to carry on the fight, after becoming tainted by Sha'sana blasting Sillice with Kiel's friend demons. [3]

Biography - Arc III

Invaders in the Ninth Tower

When two armed invaders climbed the tower to extract Sharess' corpse, It is Sil'lice and her children who rise to intervene between Diva and the minions of Snadhya'rune. After her mother moved to mutilate the painted mask intruder holding Diva captive, Kadara moved in for the kill with a brutal beheading. Her brother Sil'nua yanked out what appeared to be a foci gem from the neck stump--evidence that the intruders were merely flesh golems. It is revealed that the family has dealt with similar intruders in the past[4].

A Legendary Return

Kadara, Sil'lice and Cal'idan witness Sharess emerge from the preservation tank, and as her brother helped steady the ancient dokkalfar, Kadara muses about opportunity in using Sharess' authority to reclaim Sil'lice's honor[5], however, she noted that the woman was weak and would need time to recover. Sil'lice herself held doubts about the legitimacy of who inhabited their ancestor's body, and demanded to know who really was it within Sharess' flesh.

The living deity only shook her head and relied that she could not remember. Kadara shushed the excited Cal'idan's questioning on Sharess' memories, but when the elder dokkalfar called out to Sil'lice as her daughter, Kadara looked on in disbelief. In truth, Diva had inhabited the body and was struggling with the surge of memories within her grand aunt's body, and her daughter Sil'lice understood that the moving body could really be her Empress mother. The four of them are then interrupted by Kismel to warn of the Sarghress army marching on the Vel'Sharen council dome.

Notable Quotes

"If I ever meet Zala'ess, I'll pin the bitch to a freaking wall and piss in her mouth."[6]

"Honor and pride do not rule the worlds. You'll see. Either your naivete won't last long or you won't." - departing words to Chrys'tel[7]

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.