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Kalki Nidraa'chal

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Kalki is the daughter of Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen and a major player in the Nidraa'chal conspiracy.

Appearance and Personality

Kalki is childish, bubbly, and friendly. She makes lighthearted jokes and is rarely seen without a smile. She does her work with gusto, and she is accepting of the complicated nature of her family life. Kalki is loving and playful with those she considers family and enjoys teasing everyone around her.

When she is in combat, she uses a mixture of wind sorcery and nether arts to bounce wildly around the battlefield. It is not uncommon for Kalki to jump high in the air to reach elevated vantage points over her enemies. She carries a spear-headed staff with a summoning stone embedded in it. Kalki is also quite talkative in battle, teasing her opponents, taunting wildly, and even complimenting commendable tactics used by her enemies. Though she is a merciless and capable fighter when she needs to be, she does not care for unnecessary bloodshed.

She is loyal to Snadhya'rune and the Nidraa'chal, and she keeps their secrets readily. Her hair is streaked with white and lavender tones, and she wears it up in elaborate braids hanging long in the back. She usually wears white or pale purple clothing and bright lipstick and red accents to match her tainted red eyes.

Biography - Background

Born of Jaal'darya Science

File:Kalki Nidraa'chal.jpeg
Kalki in her battle armor during the Nidraa'chal war.[1]

Kalki is the product of Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen's private desires to have a child and Val'Jaal'darya science. Snadhya'rune, the first daughter of Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen, always felt suffocated by her mother's constant demands. She thought about having a child of her own, but she did not like mating with males and she detested the idea of raising a child under Diva'ratrika's oppressive influence. She instead looked to the Val'Jaal'darya to produce a child outside of the womb, ensuring that Diva'ratrika would never know.

Using an egg from her lover, Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress, and her own DNA, the Val'Jaal'darya produced a healthy baby daughter for Snadhya'rune. Though Mel'arnach didn't know of Kalki's birth until much later, Kalki was raised with the knowledge that Mel'arnach was her "father." Snadhya'rune was distant during her childhood for fear of exposing her secret, but Kalki received the best tutoring and living conditions a drow could ever ask for.

The Nidraa'chal War

When she grew up, Kalki was established as a field commander in the war that the Nidraa'chal staged to cover their true plans. She lead her forces against the imperial army and set an ambush for Sil'lice, the third daughter of Diva'ratrika. She offered Sil'lice and her line safety if they would join the Nidraa'chal willingly, but Sil'lice and her army refused. They fought with Kalki's troops long and hard, and many lives were lost on both sides.

As Kalki taunted Sil'lice, she made it clear that she and her men were just a diversion from the real Nidraa'chal takeover. Sil'lice was horrified by the idea that Kalki might be telling the truth and abandoned the fight to race back to the the Val'Sharess tower with what remained of her troops. Kalki let her go, knowing what would await her there.

Biography - Arc I

Family Reunion

Many years later, Kalki had taken up residence in one of Snadhya'rune's old estates. When Mel'arnach and her guard Lulianne ran away from the Val'Sarghress fortress to see Snadhya, Mel went to the only place she remembered meeting her old lover. Kalki warmly greeted Mel'arnach with an exuberant hug, confusing the clueless Mel. Kalki quickly got dressed and promised to take them both to Snadhya'rune to explain everything.

They left for the Orthorbbae, and Snadhya revealed Kalki's parentage to Mel'arnach. Mel was confused and initially lashed out, but when she admitted she had no more room in her heart to be angry, Kalki remarked with glee that she was glad the family was getting back together. She left the couple alone when her aunt Sarv'swati interrupted to discuss business with Snadhya.

Biography - Arc II

Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

While the war between the Val'Sarghress and the Vel'Sharen factions raged, the plots of the Nidraa'chal continued to pull strings behind the scenes. Kalki was in Nuqrah'shareh during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War, and she met with Shodun after the surviving Illhar'dro loyalists regrouped and began to retake the isles. They agreed that there was too much blood being shed and that the Nidraa'chal would have to change their course of action if they didn't want to lose Nuqrah'shareh to the same problems plaguing Chel'el'Sussoloth.

In order to take action, she and her fellow Nidraa'chal commandeer the Val'Illhar'dro's refurbished airship, beating back the Vel'Sharen on board. Kalki promptly kills Yami'ni Vel'Sharen for trying to open a nether gate, causing Jiaan to chase after her in a fit of rage. During the exchange, the Nuqrah'shareh forces attempt to bomb the ship to stop it from taking off, but the ship is able to get out of the cavern and speed away toward Felde.

Arrival in Felde

They pass over Ys before entering the Sea of Mist, and during her mother's peace conference, Kalki's crew land the ship on a platform specifically designed for it. The girl makes her grand entrance alongside her girlfriend Sasi'rael Nidraa'chal, Sal'bara, Shodun, and the three Sullisin'rune sisters--in an effort to impress her mother, Kalki offers the severely tortured Jiaan as a present. By this time, she has merged with her seed along with her mother and her fellow Nidraa'chal shipmates.

Notable Quotes

"Heh. Does your mind marvel at the thought that today could be the last day of the Moonless Age? I know mine does, it gives me the chills-- oh wait, that might just be your sorcery, tee hee!" - taunting Sil'lice during their fight [2]