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Karo Mae'yukir Sarghress

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A former Templar and Nuru'lara's mate.

Appearance & Personality

Karo is a lightly built drowussu with short blue hair. As a former Kyorl'solenurn, he has a Templar mark on his forehead. He has an artistic side, playing the Violin to celebrate victories.

Biography - Arc II

He is first seen during the Puppeteer Incident, being a member of the first groups of sealers to engage the Demon God in combat. He is alarmed by the sheer size of the beast, grimly remarking their sealing stones may not be large enough.

Karo and Nuru'lara lend their support to Ariel during her most recent confrontation with Suu'be.

Sarghress Civil War

Karo and Nuru'lara greeted Ariel when the younger drow arrived for her spar with Quain'tana. When Nuru advised Ariel about the change in leadership, Karo commented that the Val'Kyorl'solenurn were in for some major changes. The pair then left the sparring arena, with Nuru offering to assist Kau with coming to terms with his tainting.[1]

Days later, Karo was among the crowd surrounding the dying Ill'haress, Quain'tana, after her botched healing attempt led her to rampage throughout the Sarghress Fortress. When Suu'be attempted to intimidate Ariel into backing down from the confrontation, Karo was among those supporting the Little Wolf, telling others to let Nuru pass or she would start punching her way through. After Quain'tana's final collapse, he was among the val supporters surrounding the downed Ill'haress.[2]

Notable Quotes

"Hm... I think that thing might be too big for our stones." -Whilst encountering the Demon God summoned forth by Ni'bai.

Character Concept