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Appeared in chapters                                                47            

Khaja is a small feral owned by Nata'sinh.

Appearance & Personality

Khaja is a small male feral with yellow eyes. He has grey fur and has been equipped with a custom breastplate bearing the Sharen insignia. He is a well-trained feral and capable of moderately advanced speech, and is quite devoted to his master, who returns his loyalty with no small amount of affection.

Biography - Arc II

Khaja attempts to rouse his master.[1]

Khaja first appeared as the Sarghress and the Sharen Alliance entered into negotiations near Vloz'ress territory in the waning hours of the District War. Having been tasked by his master with spying on a gathering of Vloz'ress organized by Baliir, Khaja was unable to make sense of the chaotic proceedings. Not perturbed by his lack of success and rewarding his efforts with an affectionate pat, Nata'sinh speculated that the Vloz'ress could be speaking in code to disguise spies, though this idea was met with skepticism by a fellow Sharen.[2]

Later, as his master was controlled in what would later be known as the Puppeteer Incident, Khaja plaintively tried to awaken her. As the death of Kharla'ggen released those she had controlled, Khaja's efforts were once more rewarded with affectionate petting.

Notable Quotes

"They do crazy and talk funny. Feral can't understand."[3] - After spying on, and failing to make sense of, a Vloz'ress gathering.