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Khal'harror Val'Beldrobbaen

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Khal'harror is a son of Waes'soloth Val'Beldrobbaen and a drummer for Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro's band.

Appearance & Personality

Khal'harror has a snarky, punk personality and always wants to stand out - very odd for the average Val'Beldrobbaen. He also likes seeing people creeped out by his quirky behavior and the strange things he's into. Khal is normally seen wearing the usual shades of black and white, and he has both a pierced tongue and a series of black tattoos running down his arms. Although he is a 3rd Generation drowolath, he has white hair with alternating dyed black streaks. His personality and mannerisms are in line with a counter-culture movement happening with the Beldrobbaen's youth.

As an adult, Khal retained his spunky personality, but he has also chosen to channel his energies for a cause. He works with Kyo'nne and her band out of a clear disregard for what the clans think, and while he may not be as passionate about peace as Kyo herself, he still has a desire to work against the grain of the mainstream ruling clans.

Biography - Arc I

Davya Tower

Khal'harror's studies were not without difficulties.

Khal'harror first appeared as one of the students arriving to Orthorbbae during Ariel's first year at the school. He arrived on Luth'el's back, effectively disgusting his classmates due to common prejudices against driders. For his part, Khal'harror seemingly relished the attention, using the opportunity to show off Bob, a bone golem made of chicken bones. After the rest of the children arrived, Khal'harror entered Davya tower with the rest of her peers and listened as Kel'noz instructed the class on the school's workings. Their first lesson was to successfully power their keystones, though Khal'harror briefly attempted to bypass this by using the power core from Bob. Afterwards, the class began to learn how to ride their floaters. Khal'harror struggled to learn fine control, spinning erratically and eventually crushing his nether regions against a pole, much to his frustration.[1]

The next day, the students began their lessons with a class on basic mana arts, under the instruction of Master Soleam'ji. He laughed with the other students as Mir'kiin was disciplined for his crass behavior. Afterwards, the students were tested for their potential elemental affinities. The first student to be tested, Khal'harror was unsurprisingly discovered to have an affinity for the element of bone. In the maths and science class under Master Rae'uul, Khal'harror expressed little enthusiasm, falling asleep with pencils in his nose.

The third day's classes began with their introduction to combat training, under Master Sandaur. As Khal'harror arrogantly asked what the point of physical training is when one wields sorcery and golems, Nau'kheol smacked him upside the head from behind. Sandaur noted with amusement that such defenses can mean very little if one is caught by surprise. Afterwards, the students were assigned to pair up for sparring, and Khal'harror suffered a quick loss at the hands of Nau'kheol. During the class, Mir'kiin accidentally learned of Ariel's true gender, quickly informing both Nau'kheol and Khal'harror.

Attack on Ariel

Shortly after the class ended, the three confronted Ariel in a remote hallway, revealing her gender in front of Yafein. Nau'kheol, already hating Ariel for her clan, readily took this as an excuse to attack Ariel. Realizing that a fight was about to occur, a terrified Yafein abandoned Ariel to face the other three by herself. As Nau'kheol and Mir'kiin advanced on Ariel, Khal'harror offered to aid Ariel in exchange for a year's servitude, much to the other boys' irritation. When Ariel refused, the pair attack as Khal'harror watched from a safe distance. Though she was able to hold her own, she was unable to make it past the boys and back to Sandaur. As Ariel began gaining the upper hand, Khal'harror offered Mir'kiin a knife he had stolen from the earlier combat class. Mir'kiin gleefully took his opportunity to stab Ariel in the side while she wrestled with Nau'kheol.

Wounded and now aware the boys had a lethal intent, Ariel fled on her floater. As Khal'harror cheerfully pointed out, wounding another student is strictly forbidden and Nau'kheol and Mir'kiin risked expulsion if they did not finish the job and dispose of Ariel's body. As the pair quickly gave chase, Khal'harror congratulated himself for manipulating the two boys into doing his dirty work. Though Nau'kheol quickly lost control of his floater, crashing into a wall and landing on the ground, Mir'kiin managed to keep up with Ariel and very nearly killed her by forcing her to fall from her floater into the lower levels. Though she survived, she became fearful of the boys in her class as a result. For his part, Mir'kiin promised to teach Khal'harror respect for treating him like a minion.


At the Beldrobbaen fortress, Khal finds his older sister Naal'suul despairing over her tainted condition, and in an effort to cheer her up he promises to turn her into a flesh golem when she dies. He is interrupted by their mother Waes'soloth Val'Beldrobbaen who warns that he only has two hours before Orthorbbae's gates close, prompting him to run off in a hurry (more afraid of his mother than making it to school in time).

The Depths of Orthorbbae

Main article: Chrys'tel's Quest for Truth
Khal under disguise in the girl's section of Orthorbbae.

Years later while investigating the depths of the Orthorbbae, Naal'suul and her friends Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen, Shinae Vel'Sharen, and Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress ran into Khal'harror and Nau'kheol. In a harebrained plan to allow their brothers to sneak into the forbidden girl's section of Orthorbbae, the girls dress Khal and Nau in their old clothes and attempt to blend in. Miraculously the Val'Illhar'dro adult that finds the group only manages to recognize and catch Sorane'saniil Val'Illhar'dro and drag him away, with Nau commenting that it must have been the pigtails that saved him.

To create a diversion, Khal participates in a ruse to get teachers' attention while the girls head for the headmistress's quarters to steal the key needed to open the sealed door at the bottom of Orthorbbae. They use Naal'suul performing a fake overload of her seed to get Snadhya out of her office come to check up on her. This experience proves taxing on Naal because she soon collapses and causes Khal to worry for her health.

When the group reaches the bottom of Orthorbbae, Chrys'stel opens the sealed door with the stolen crown and they make a grim discovery of bodies of teachers being preserved in a freezer-like environment. They are soon confronted by a drow summon of Sate'ja Vel'Sharen, and Khal makes his best effort to fight it by throwing Bob at it. Unfortunately, this has no effect. The group is forced to retreat and leave when Naal'suul releases her seed after receiving a fatal blow.

In an effort to cheer his mother up, Khal built a golem replica of Naal'suul, but it appears as that Waes'soloth was not impressed.

Biography - Arc II

Although Khal hates the Val'Sarghress clan, he is willing to do a concert for their troops.

Kyo'nne's Band

15 years later in year 1114, Khal'harror has joined with Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro and Frisk Illhar'dro to make music for peace and unity in the midst of the war between Vel'Sharen and Val'Sarghress forces. He is the band's drummer, using golem technology to create a drum set that uses several arms shaped like spider legs. When he comes across Kyo'nne speaking to Sar'nel Tions Sarghress' Home Guard squad, he purposely provokes Ariel and Shala into anger by poking holes in their beliefs that the Sarghress are doing good for the people. Even with Kyo'nne's insistence to stop and her rebuttal that the Sarghress are no better than the Sharen, Khal'harror gets Shala to storm out of the building in a rage.

Later, when asked as why he's performing a concert for a clan he hates, Khal simply replies with a, "Why not?"

Notable Quotes

"You know, it is strictly forbidden to wound another student. If you fail to finish the job or dispose of the body, you'll end up either dead or expelled from school. Good luck!" -to Mir'kiin and Nau'kheol as they attack Ariel in Orthorbbae

"Bah! Since when do we give a shit about what the clans think?" -to Kyo'nne when asked about his stance on the Val'Sarghress concert

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