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Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress

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Kharla'ggen is the feared figurehead and Ill'haress of the Vel'Vloz'ress clan. She has the uncanny ability to turn people into living dolls.

Appearance & Personality

File:Kharla child.jpg
Sene'kha discovers the young girl in a ruined home.

Kharla'ggen is a tall Ver'drowendar with tainted red eyes. Her hair, originally white, was dyed copper to match the Vloz'ress colour shortly after Kharla'ggen had been brought in by Sene'kha Vel'Vloz'ress. Throughout the story, she wears a wide variety of garments, none of which she seems to care for very much; Vloz'ress slaves and Kharla'genn's dolls are in charge of dressing the Ill'haress in a suitable maner.

Personality-wise, Kharla'ggen seems to be suffering from an unspecified kind of mental illness that had halted or altered her mental development, though it is unknown whether this was caused by her extreme tainting, demon posession or developed naturally after birth. As such, Kharla'ggen cares very little for politics or other matters of the drow; she likes playing, tea parties and dressing up her horrific dolls. She is capable of heinous and cruel acts, though it is stated that she does not fully realize the extent and consequences of her acts. It is also clear, however, that Kharla'ggen posesses some intellect, desires and capability to plan ahead, as she had not dollified Larvova after she'd suspected her to have poisoned Kiel'ndia. She also shared a brief, intimate episode with Khaless in Felde.

Until her very last moments, Kharla'ggen refers to herself in plural 'we'. Kiel suspects it is due to the demons Kharla'ggen's aura had swallowed, but that remains unconfirmed.

Biography - Arc I

Early Life

Kharla'ggen was found as a child near Char by Sene'kha Vel'Vloz'ress. It is unknown what happened to her original family, though some characters theorize that she had turned them into living dolls. It is also unknown when or how Kharla'ggen was tainted, and whether Sene'kha had anything to do with it. Either way she was brought to the Vloz'ress before they even were a great clan, and accepted fully due to the Vloz'ress study of demonic entities and their philosophy of welcoming the tainted.

Deranged in a way not even the Vloz'ress could comprehend, Kharla'ggen kept eating her own fingers and throwing tantrums whenever she saw her own reflection. This was solved by giving her a mask, a solution proposed by Ven'ndia, mother of Kiel'ndia. She was adopted as the latter's surrogate sister.

Youngest Ill'haress

File:Youngest illharess.jpg
Kharla'ggen is the youngest Illhar'ess to ascend to the council.

As was revealed soon, Sene'kha planned to use Kharla'ggen as a tool in her own political scheme. Seeking to further the position of the Vloz'ress clan first, she wanted to appoint Kharla'ggen the Ill'haress of the group, securing her position through Kharla'ggen's own horrific power of turning people into living dolls and devouring their auras. Ven'ndia, the leader of the Vloz'ress up until then, refused to meddle with high clan politics, which ultimately cost her her life; on Sene'kha's orders, she was turned into a doll by Kharla'ggen. How exactly Sene'kha persuaded Kharla'ggen to do it remains unknown, but Kiel'ndia never blames her adoptive sister for the act due to her mental condition.

With Ven'ndia out of the way, child Kharla'ggen was appointed the youngest Ill'haress in the history of Chel'el'Sussoloth. This move was strongly opposed by the Val'Beldrobbaen, Val'Kyorl'solenurn and the Vel'Sharen; the Sharens, after launching a highly unsuccessful attack on the Vloz'ress domain, ultimately changed their stance on the matter and admitted the Vloz'ress among the clans. This was in no small part the work of Snadhya'rune.

The Vloz'ress Revolution

Kharla'ggen participated very little in the shift of power from Sene'kha's faction to Kiel'ndia. She, however, secured Kiel'ndia's position once it was acquired; Kharla'ggen seemed to have taken a strong liking to her big sister, and hardly anybody was willing to exact revenge against Kiel'ndia and risk Kharla'ggen's wrath. When Kiel'ndia was poisoned in the aftermath of the Vloz'ress revolution, it was Kharla'ggen who dragged Larvova to her and ultimately saved her.

Biography - Arc II

Kharla'ggen had grown into an adult woman and remained in the position of Ill'haress of the Vloz'ress clan, with Kiel'ndia being the clan's factual leader. Kharla'ggen served mostly as Kiel'ndia's ultimate punishment tool for unruly subjects; she turned Maki into a living doll and threatened her subordinates with a similar fate were they to continue disobeying Kiel.


File:Kharla khaless.jpg
Kharla'ggen being led by the deadly vel'akar.

After Kiel'ndia had been invited to Felde by Khaless, Kharla'ggen accompanied her to the surface city, powering the giant stone turtle golem requested by Kiel'ndia from Kar'liir. Larvova noted the idea of bringing Kharla'ggen anywhere outside her home fortress was foolish, and such was soon demonstrated at a banquet, where Kharla'ggen nearly dollified the surrounding guests. The situation was fortunately salvaged by Khaless who took Kharla'ggen away to show her a "surprise".

Later, the entirety of the Vloz'ress delegation witnessed Snadhya'rune's execution of Sarghress spies. Shortly after, Kiel'ndia and Fame'nidea went to free Snadhya'rune's prisoners; Kharla'ggen did not accompany them and instead played with the Mimaneid drow that had invaded the Felde party in the meantime, proving that her powers worked well and good even outside Chel. She was then dragged away by her sister, who came to a conclusion it was the best time to turn tail and disappear before Snadhya'rune had found out they had freed the prisoners.

Return to Chel

While traveling back to Chel, Kharla'ggen nearly collapses on the turtle golem due to her power being drained so quickly; she is prevented from falling off and fed Kuso's chestplate sandwiches, which fuel her the rest of the way to the Vloz'ress district. There, Kiel and Kharla'ggen split, with Kiel off to feed Naal'suul and Kharla'ggen demanding food from her servants. Too late, Fame'nidea and Baliir discover all of Kharla's attendants were assassinated, with Kharla now being served by the remainer of Sene'kha's old crew, now led by Ni'bai. They bring the demon shard Discordia to her and before Fame or Baliir can act, a demon gate is opened, with Discordia attracting a demon god. The god is then absorbed by Kharla'ggen, which leads to the Puppeteer accident.


File:Kharla god.jpg
Kharla'ggen stands before the demon god.

After absorbing a demon god, Kharla'ggen takes control of the entire city of Chel via her puppeteer powers, now increased thousandfold by the power of such a powerful demonic entity. Sene'kha's legacy is, however, brought to ruin, as Ni'bai, who sought to control Kharla'ggen this way and blackmail the leaders of Chel, falls victim to Kharla's powers, together with her entire crew. With Kiel realizing something is terribly amiss, she rushes back to the Vloz'ress fortress with Nau'kheol and demon Naal'suul in tow, having some limited immunity to Kharla's powers. Once in the fortress, she discovers Kharla'ggen struggling with the horrific entity and in terrible pain. Ultimately, Kharla'ggen's powers start affecting even Kiel, which calls for a violent reaction from the demonic Naal'suul; she partially devours Kharla'ggen, putting a stop to Chel's puppeteering altogether. Kiel attempts to save Kharla'ggen but fails, and the two of them - Naal'suul and partially devoured Kharla'ggen - are last seen falling into the Rift together with the collapsing Vloz fortress. In her last moments, Kharla'ggen commands the stone turtle to save Kiel and her friends from falling into the fire; she then disappears, presumed either burned to crisp by the Rift or devoured by Naal'suul's demon.

Notable Quotes


"We miss ducky so."

Character Concept