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Kio'nel Sharen

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Kio'nel is a Sharen dragon knight and friend of Nau'kheol Vel'Sharen. He has a crush on Chrys'tel.

Appearance and Personality

Kio'nel is a friendly and helpful friend to Nau. He is also driven by his crush on Nau's sister, Chrys'tel. He tries to be kind and diplomatic when he can, but even he can't keep up with Shinae's demands.

Biography - Arc I

When Chrys'tel wanted to get Kiel'ndia out of the house, she asked Nau'kheol to bait her by inviting her out to a social event. Nau'kheol enlisted Kio'nel to help him out by driving the carriage for them. Kio'nel agreed, but confessed that he was hoping that Nau could put in a good word for him with Chrys in return.

He dined with Nau while the girls caught up at the cafe. When Kiel needed to leave, Nau told her to just take the cart and have her own servant drive it. Chyrs'tel asked the now free Kio'len if he was available for escort duty, and when he emphatically said he was, she asked him to bring her sister Shinae back home. Kio'len was upset that he wouldn't get to spend more time with Chrys, but agreed to the job anyway.

Shinae spent most of the walk back ranting and loudly complaining about how unfair her life was. Kio'len tried to listen and offer his help, but Shinae was impossibly to placate. When she stubbornly asked if he would sleep with her, he awkwardly told her he didn't really know her that well. She called him out on his shallow crush on Chrys'tel and was furious that he didn't feel the same way about her. She built up her pressure sorcery in her rage and blasted Kio'nel and several passing strangers as she yelled at them all to "kiss [her] royal ass!" [1]

Biography - Arc II

Kio'nel is now a dragon knight, in charge of a portion of Dariya'ko's operations during the Sarghress invasion of the penal colony half on the surface. However due to his incompetence with handling the colony, Kio'nel was caught unaware by a messenger reporting of a surprise Sarghress attack and was executed by Sarv'swati Vel'Sharen.

Character Concept