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Kira'liss Sarghress

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Kira'liss is a veteran Highland Raider and the leader of Quill'yate's personal escort.

Appearance & Personality

Kira'liss is a lithe female drowolath with purple eyes. She dyes her hair a deep red and styles it into a loose ponytail. She is a stern leader who emphasizes discipline, but allows the raiders under her command some leeway to relax while off-duty.

Biography - Arc I

Kira'liss first appears leading a squad of Highland Raiders providing escort to to Quill'yate as the latter returns to the Sarghress Fortress from a long excursion on the surface. As Quill'yate informs the raiders that they have a day's free time while she meets with Quain'tana, Kira'liss outlines rough restrictions to keep the boisterous raiders from causing too much of a commotion while they await further orders.

Notable Quotes

"I don't want to hear year getting into a fight today. Dev'ess will be too busy to get your ass out of trouble."[1]

Outside of Moonless Age

Though not part of verified Moonless Age canon, Kira'liss was a player character in Relic Hunters. More information can be found here.