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Kiran'zress Nori'fu Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                          57  

Kiran'zress is a Sarghress soldier and daughter of Koil'dorath.

Appearance & Personality

Kiran'zress is a tall female drowolath with a powerful build and orange eyes. She has short orange hair with darker highlights, marking her as a member of House Nori'fu. Similarly, she has the stylized markings on her cheeks in a manner not unlike her mother. She proudly wears a prominent Sarghress tattoo on her right bicep. She wears the standard armor of a higher-ranking Sarghress soldier, decorated with additional Sarghress iconography. Her favoured weapon is a massive claymore.

She is a proud and boisterous individual, akin to her mother; though less tempered by the weight of responsibility. Her good cheer falters significantly when she drinks, as she has a marked melancholy streak when drunk. Despite her rough edges, she remains a professional and dutiful soldier, with a strong belief in the Sarghress ideals. For that reason, she had a strained relationship with her grandfather, viewing his actions as marring the family's honour.

Biography - Arc III

Kiran first appeared shortly after Ariel took command of the remnants of the Sarghress clan. Following the newly-crowned Ill'haress as the clan and their allies marched upon the Council Dome, she readied herself for battle with Snadhya'rune's forces.[1]

Notable Quotes

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Character Concept